Pink Vendor Booth Break Down

Hi, Everyone!

This is the first guest post on this blog and it’s a short, funny story by my friend, Claire the Crazy Cowgirl.

Hope you like it! ~writefury

As I walked through the germ filled mall I couldn’t keep my mind off cranky people, giant germ bugs crawling all over me and dry hot dog buns. What is worse? Well sooner than you can say “Ugh” I found out!

As I walked past a hot pink vendor booth and average sized lady with pink hair, pants and shirt suddenly yelled out:

“Hey! You over there! Come and try are all new fashion diva eye brow curler!”. I pointed to my chest and mouthed: “ME?”

“YES, you.“she replied.  Slowly motioning me over to her, where a hot pink stool sat.  I walked over and sarcastically said:

“So is this just the “dress in hot pink day” that I didn’t know about?”

“NO! This is the fashion diva booth and we dress in pink!” She replied as she made slapping motion towards my face. “Now would you like to try are all new fashion diva eye brow curler? It’s free.” She said with a rather pleading sound in her voice.

“Absolutely not!” I replied shaking my head, which in turn made my hair hit her face.

“Oh! Phooey! What on earth do you wash your hair with? Moldy cheese?” She said holding her nose.  ‘’ If you want you can try are all new love potion shampoo sample. It’s free”.  At that moment I decided that sales people are simply only trying to sell you stuff so they can get money to buy more stuff to dye their hair purple. So with a not-so-friendly wave I turned away to get wash my germ infested hands and bye some better smelling shampoos.

Note to self: Never Ever let a sales person suck you in or you’ll end up with pink hair and burnt eyebrows!

~Claire the Crazy Cowgirl

2 thoughts on “Pink Vendor Booth Break Down

  1. Very cute! 🙂 Found out early that sales was not my thing… Think I’m gonna recommend Claire dye her hair pink so she’ll sell more coffee next week… or less. Considering the homeschooling crowd, maybe not.

    I do have a gripe with writefury, though. This is most assuredly not your first guest post. You have several from sprinkle squink (admittedly partial posts), and one from Violet that showed up in my “similar suggestions” below this post. 😉

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