Long Lost


A tragic romance, time-travel shenanigans story involving two college kids, an insane ex-historian and a mercenary space cowboy.


All based off of one little Lord Huron song. xD



Part 1: Headlights & Why to Use Them

Part 2: Midnight Guest

Part 3: A Sick Man & a Pocketwatch

Part 4: Not My Memory Lane

Part 5: Down to the River

Part 6: Of Questions, Historians & Scarves

Part 7: Clocking Out

Part 8: Howdy, Neighbor

Part 9: Leave a Note

Part 10: The Man Who Used to Have a Plan

Part 11: No Place Like Home

Part 12: Big City Basics

Part 13: Mission Improbable

Part 14: Step by Step

Part 15: Society Life or Death

Part 16: Watch for the Paradox

Part 17: Making/Breaking History

Part 18: In the Belly of the Well-Intentioned Beast

Part 19: The Happy Couple

Part 20: Back to the Past + Epilogue