A Lamb’s Tale

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A story about lambs… how fitting for the Irish holiday. 😛 This is going to be my last Faithwriters entry for a while. I got my membership for my birthday last year, and my birthday is tomorrow, so it’s expiring. It’s been a great year doing the Faithwriters Challenge and I… Read More A Lamb’s Tale

The Snaptrapper

Challenge 10: Write a Story From a Movie You Like Hey, Everybody! Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been working on this How To Train Your Dragon story a lot. I’m still not finished, but thought I’d give you part one. Enjoy! writefury   “Thump!” Hiccup’s eyes flew open at the sudden sound that came… Read More The Snaptrapper

Writing Challenge, Day 7

Challenge 7: Write a Haiku About a Slug Writefury’s Shimmering slime trail The brown slug oozes along You like slugs? You’re nuts. Sprinkle Squink’s Squishy and slimy A big brown blob. Disgusting! Slugs: Just weird and gross!   Did we accurately describe the grossness? Let us know in the comments! ~writefury and sprinkle squink