Blank Mastermind


Odd Team Out is my goofy child who draws on the walls and laughs a lot.

Amazing Honesty is my sweet, well behaved little thing that loves animals and being outside.

Blank Mastermind was the unexpected kid who gets into unbelievable amounts of trouble, is super hyper and sarcastic for it’s age.

This is the page for that trouble child, because the “My Stories” page wouldn’t hold its format.

So, an improvised synopsis:

Amnesia is annoying. The poor hero has to find out everything about his wonderful life again and re-meet all the lovely people he knew before, then go to stop the villain.

But what if the life that starts showing itself isn’t wonderful, the people aren’t lovely and the villain is… yourself?

I don’t know. I might add more on to that sometime.

This is the chapter directory:

Part 1: Waking Up

Part 2: Dallas

Part 3: Bad News

Part 4: Taking a Drive

Part 5: Meet the Gang

Part 6: All the Good Villain Bits

Part 7: Explosives

Part 8: Short Circuit

Part 9: Hospitality

Part 10: Kidnapper

Part 11: Ransom

Part 12: Scenic Drive

Part 13: The Superior

Part 14: An Apology & a Phone Call

Part 15: Grocery Run

Part 16: Lunch with the enemy

Part 17: Bad News’s Method

Part 18: Reading up

Part 19: Home for the weekend

Part 20: Promises

Part 21: A Bad Egg

Part 22: The Old Me

Part 23: Broken Legos

Part 24: Runaways & Pep-talks

Part 25: Out with a bang

Part 26: Evicted from hell

Part 27: Patience & Patients

Part 28: Giving the slip

Part 29: Playgrounds, Moose & Unexpected Justice

Part 30: Family

to be continued… maybe… possibly… hopefully… come on. Sequel-hope springs eternal, guys.

A pasteable banner if you guys want to spread the word about the story. ❀



And a bunch of things about the characters.

MBTI for everyone!

Wolfgang: ENTP

Dallas: ISTJ

Bad News: ESFJ

Liza: ISTP


Chris: ESTJ

Cardboard: ENFP

Amazing Man: INFJ

Leif: INTP

And collages for everybody! (made on pixlr)






Wolfgang’s headcanon-twinsie-ness with a friend’s character, Mike Anderson.






Bad News












Amazing Man (okay, I didn’t have an actor for him and Jamie Bamber was a possibility so he’s on here but I’M NOT SURE OKAY *shoves my Archie-fangirlness in a closet)


More to come… maybe.

And some story inspiration songs.

And a bunch of Sam Claflin/Wolfgang gifs. ❀













37 thoughts on “Blank Mastermind

    1. -squees with you- yesss. basically where I dumped all my BM inspiration stuff. ❀
      you really need to listen to Corduroy Road, tho. that's basically the music I always listen to when I'm writing it.

        1. Welllll… I don’t really have any ideas for the plot beyond just nebulous concepts at this point. Right now, I need to polish up the ending for my last book, edit (and hopefully publish?) Blank Mastermind… and then we’ll see if a sequel is happening. πŸ˜›

  1. AHH!! So excited to read this. (This is KatieP from the OYAN forum btw). I will try to come back to this as soon as I can (just nudge me on the forum if you don’t hear from me soon kk?)!! 😁 Btw all of these gifs of Sam Claflin are πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ» We have the same actor for our characters πŸ˜‚ I have Hunter and you have Wolfgang 😜😜😜
    (Sorry I go super heavy on emojis 😳)

  2. GAHHH HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS PAGE? Apparently it’s been here awhile. I LOVE IT. Haven’t seen some of those collages before, and they are SO GREAT. *fangirls to death* I think I must’ve always clicked on the side-bar pile of tags to get to BM stuff…never knew it had this whole comprehensive page. I came searching ’cause I wanted a link with all the parts and stuff to send to someone, and VIOLA, here it is. Its own page. Excellent.

    You know, I have the best time recommending this story to people.

  3. So… I’ve read Blank Mastermind through almost twice so it’s probably about time I posted a comment. πŸ˜›
    I love it so much! The characters are awesome… the plot is awesome… you are awesome… and that about sums it up. πŸ™‚ I’m really looking forward to reading the future installments of the sequel. I’m not a writer by any means, but I know that writing an epic story like this takes a lot of hard work and time, so thank you so much for being willing to put that in here.

    That came out really sappy… *shrugs* oh well.

      1. *hides face in shame because I took an incredibly long time to reply* No problem! So I’m thinking I found you through the bio on one of your poems on Kingdom Pen. I’m just barely starting to try out my hand at writing and KP has definitely been a helpful resource, although I don’t have an account on there as of yet.

  4. Hey πŸ™‚ I don’t have any of your contact information, but I wanted to let you know that I love The Blank Mastermind and have read it at least 3 times from start to finish. This semester I convinced the book club at my college to read it and I’m loving leading discussions about your book.
    Also, by the way, my name’s Abigail, but I was Crystal Seas on the OYAN forum.
    keep up the good work!

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