Passover Videos

Heyo, everyone! So most well known would be the fact that Easter is coming up. But that’s not me, so we’re doing Passover things today. And they’re other people’s videos because I don’t have enough creative juice at the moment to share a passover story or recipe. It’ll happen sometime during the week, though. Probably.… Read More Passover Videos

Different Drum

Hey, folks! (any ideas what else I can call you guys? I’m running out of ideas.) We got this song not that long ago after hearing it at… ahem… a friend’s wedding. πŸ™‚ It was a betrothal wedding, so it was really sweet. A summer theme with gingham and sunflowers everywhere. Just simple and beautiful.… Read More Different Drum

A Lamb’s Tale

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A story about lambs… how fitting for the Irish holiday. πŸ˜› This is going to be my last Faithwriters entry for a while. I got my membership for my birthday last year, and my birthday is tomorrow, so it’s expiring. It’s been a great year doing the Faithwriters Challenge and I… Read More A Lamb’s Tale


This week’s faithwriters topic is “Faith”, and I finished my story last night, so here it is. πŸ™‚ The genre/setting deal may be a bit confusing, so I’ll explain. This is set after the Tower of Babel dispersion, when everyone is spreading out all over the earth. Other than Abraham’s story, the bible is pretty… Read More Mutiny