Say Uncle



Micah MacQuoid has the easy job.

His parents have to deal with all the aftermath of his older sister’s death.

His brother is driving over to try and keep his parents from getting a divorce amidst all the wreckage of the tragedy.

All Micah has to do is watch his brother’s four kids while all that drama goes down.

Sure, that’s not exactly something he’s had experience with. He’s got more experience playing his drums in his parents’ basement and avoiding human interaction.

But they’re family. They’re his nieces and nephews. Just four sweet little kids to watch for a month at most.

He just doesn’t expect the endless allergies, school problems and adventurous endeavors the kids have over the summer. Plus, an uncle they barely know? Where’s the motivation to do anything he says?

Maybe the easy job isn’t such a piece of cake after all.

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bonus feature crossover story with Blank Mastermind:

A Street Corner Duet


prestigious mentions:

Winner of the 2018 OYAN Novel Contest! 😀