A Lamb’s Tale

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A story about lambs… how fitting for the Irish holiday. 😛 This is going to be my last Faithwriters entry for a while. I got my membership for my birthday last year, and my birthday is tomorrow, so it’s expiring. It’s been a great year doing the Faithwriters Challenge and I… Read More A Lamb’s Tale


This week’s faithwriters topic is “Faith”, and I finished my story last night, so here it is. 🙂 The genre/setting deal may be a bit confusing, so I’ll explain. This is set after the Tower of Babel dispersion, when everyone is spreading out all over the earth. Other than Abraham’s story, the bible is pretty… Read More Mutiny

The Prophesy

Hey, Everyone! If you haven’t noticed, the faithwriters theme this past few months has been the 7 deadly sins. I’ve posted most of them. Lust: All consuming desire or want (The Mitzvah Mizer) Gluttony: Overindulgence, overconsumption (I am Ginger) Sloth: Laziness, inactivity (Sweet Chariot) Rage: Uncontrolled violence and hatred (The Invitation) Envy: Jealousy of another’s… Read More The Prophesy

Sweet Chariot

A story for the faith writers topic of “sloth”. It’s on the sad side and not much of an ending, but I ran out of words. It was fun using a non-past-tense first-person voice, though. Tell me what you think!       “Church service tomorrow morning in Hosea’s quarters, pass it down.” It’s a… Read More Sweet Chariot

I Am Ginger

Some of you might remember the acrostic poem I did on our cockapoo, Ginger. Well, now she got her own faithwriters story on the topic of Gluttony. Here is a picture of her:   I am Ginger.   I am a Cockapoo   I am invincible.   There was a time when I was a… Read More I Am Ginger