The Powers That Be

Blank Mastermind got a sequel since Wolfgang wouldn’t leave my brain alone. Hopefully The Powers That Be taught him his lesson and he’ll leave me alone

A synopsis (much more professional than last time because I’ve gotten better at this sort of thing):

Over a year later, and for Wolfgang Dankworth, redeeming a villainous reputation turns out to be a lot harder than he expected. The adulation of the public over his one heroic move has long since worn off. And finding a job is only punching up the fact that, to any respectable business, he’s about as welcome as a skunk at an outdoor wedding.


Aside from the Fernsbys and the remnants of his old gang, it doesn’t seem like he’s even welcome anywhere.


But then a letter shows up in the mail, inviting him to a secret event. A big move they’re about to make. Something to bring him up higher in society. An organization he joined the last year, named Silverwing.


Only . . . he can’t remember joining.




The SPI’s Hero Project branch is history. It’s been over a year since Mansley was revealed to be corrupt and all the former superheroes have gone back to their normal lives.


Case closed, right?


There are actually quite a few SPI agents who would say otherwise. Including Dallas Knight.


Everything Mansley did couldn’t have just been the work of one man. It goes deeper, and Dallas knows it. There’s an organization behind this. Only he can’t find any evidence. No connections that haven’t been investigated already. No other members.


But it turns out, he actually knows another member of the organization.



And all the parts. Feel free to read.

-disclaimer that this is a nanowrimo novel and due for a rewrite, please excuse typos and plot holes, I posted the very rough draft-


Part 1: The Winged Woman

Part 2: Junk mail & junk reputations

Part 3: Searching for tuxedos and answers

Part 4: Babysitting

Part 5: Studies indicate

Part 6: Exclusive benefits

Part 7: With a little help from my friends

Part 8: A piping hot mess

Part 9: Calling in the expert

Part 10: Evil council

Part 11: Old buddies & owed favors

Part 12: Set up

Part 13: Bring the house down

Part 14: Keeping home base

Part 15: Messages & determinations

Part 16: The public eye

Part 17: Actually getting somewhere

Part 18: A victory & a visitor

Part 19: Super un-heroes

Part 20: Out of line & out of luck

Part 21: Misfit, underqualified rescue team… assemble!

Part 22: Burgling the boss

Part 23: Deep freeze

Part 24: Unrepresented evidence

Part 25: The wrath & healthcare of Baden News

Part 26: How the tables have turned

Part 27: Fighting fire with fire

Part 28: Round two

Part 29: Life choices

Part 30: Judgement day

Part 31: Ugly news

Part 32: Dinner Party

-collages and playlists to be added-