Snowy Photos

We finally got some snow for about half a day here. So, I actually get some snow pictures this year! Yay! 😛 Here are the best ones I got. Three cheers for the telephoto lens! This is up on one of the nearby mountains. It still has snow. Lucky mountain.     Ginger snuck her… Read More Snowy Photos

God and Dog

I really love dogs, and this video is so perfect and cute. 🙂 I’m so glad God made dogs, and this shows the funny play on words in the English language. Ok, on the topic of language… The Hebrew word for dog is “kelev”. Break it down to the root words, and it means “All… Read More God and Dog

Sleeping Dog

A cute picture of the family dog, Bullwinkle, taking a nap on our porch.   For those of you interested in breeds, he’s an Irish Wolfhound/Lab mix. He’s such a sweet dog. 🙂 Please tell me what you think! ~writefury