All I Can Be

Hi, everybody! I wrote this poem earlier today and thought I’d share. Most of the things in this poem are things I’ve imagined at one point or another. 😉   I’m not just staring, I’m thinking. Thinking of all I can be.   I’m not playing with math, I’m a navigator. Navigating a stormy sea.… Read More All I Can Be

Driving Poem

School assignment: Write a poem about something you learned the hard way.    Well, I learned something recently the very hard way.  So here’s my poem.    One foot for each pedal   That’s how it shouldn’t be.   Or all that metal in the shape of a car  Will go smashing through all those nice bricks. … Read More Driving Poem

For Eyes Only

Poem for fathwriters. Please comment!     There are some things A camera can’t capture There are some things A lens can’t hold Some things Are left for eyes only   You gasp and fumble for your camera Trying to focus in on the beauty   A snowflake, fluttering towards the ground, A ray of… Read More For Eyes Only