Oso Mudslide Fundraiser Update

Hi again, Everyone!

So, I have decided what I will donate the proceeds of this fundraiser to. The money will go to the Snohomish County K9 Search-and-Rescue team. Here’s the website: http://scvsark9.org/

Fire District 21 Chief, Travis Hotts, said in one of the press conferences that the dogs were the biggest help as far as finding people, so I think that would be a good place to donate.

Plus, one of the books I’m selling, Odd Team Out, the Search-and-Rescue Dog, Gilligan, is one of the main characters.

Look at the last post for more details on that.

Also, one last note. According to stats, more than 60 people have looked at my fundraiser. That is wonderful, but what surprised me is, no one has done anything as far as donations. I have not sold one single book.

Every little bit helps! Please donate and spread the word!

see ya’

Any thoughts?

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