Life in the Lyons’ House

Okay, so… remember Danika (Dani) Lyons from writing challenge day 3? I did a story about her on faithwriters with the word topic of “Omnishambles”. Once again, I had to look it up, but I think the story turned out pretty good.

Hope you enjoy!



   “Omnishambles. That is the one word that describes life in this house right now.” Danika Lyons had been walking past her parents’ closed bedroom door, but at the sound of her mother’s tearful voice, the 7-year old stopped dead in her tracks. Wondering why her mother was so upset, Danika silently dropped to her knees outside the door and pushed her messy yellow hair back behind her ears. It was quiet for a few more minutes and she wondered if that was it, but then her mother started talking again.


   “The house is a mess, the kids are always fighting and homeschool isn’t progressing at all . . .” Dani realized that her mom was praying. She looked around the hall; it wasn’t that messy. It looked like their house. Socks littered the floor and fingerprints covered the walls.


   “ . . .The kitchen is awful and Dani and Emmet are constantly drawing on the walls.” Dani felt a jab of guilt in her stomach as she looked at one of her masterpieces on the wall next to her.

   “Whatcha doin’?” her older brother’s voice came from behind her. Dani jumped.

   “Lord, what am I going to do? Everything I do just turns into a disaster!” their mom kept praying, unaware of what was happening outside her door.


   “Emmet!” exclaimed Dani in a harsh whisper, “Go away!”


   “Dani, you aren’t supposed to eavesdrop! Get away from the door!” For being only nine, Emmet could certainly exert force when he wanted to. He dragged Dani backwards into her room and dropped her. Twisting his mouth into a frown, Emmet glared at red-faced Dani.


   “Don’t you think we’re in enough trouble with mom already? You’re lucky Luke didn’t catch you,” he turned and walked out, leaving Dani to contemplate what would have happened if her surly eldest brother had found her eavesdropping.




   Dinner was a somber occasion, especially since Mr. Lyons was on a business trip. The six children sensed that their mother was not in the happiest of moods and everything was quiet except for Emmet’s occasional requests for his favorite condiment: ketchup. Mrs. Lyons barely ate anything and went into the other room to read her bible before anyone else was even done eating.


   “Why do you think mom is so upset?” whispered Dani’s 11-year-old brother, Asher.


   “What do you think? Dani and Emmet are turning the halls into an art museum!” This elicited a few giggles from the other children. Dani pushed her plate away,


   “I’m not hungry,” she mumbled, walking towards the stairs.




   Dani couldn’t get to sleep, and it had nothing to do with how early bedtime was.


   I’ve got to do something about mom’s omnishambles, she thought, but no ideas came to mind. God, what should I do? she prayed, closing her eyes.


   What can you do? came the answer, surprisingly fast. Dani’s reaction was even faster. She slid out of bed and tiptoed down the stairs, careful not to wake up anyone. She got to the kitchen and glanced around at all the dirty dishes. It was true. If ever a house was in omnishambles, it was this one. But there were no omnishambles that a 7-year old and God’s will couldn’t fix. Dani set her jaw and rolled up her jammie sleeves, ready for a long night.




   Mrs. Lyons was awake, but she didn’t want to open her eyes and walk into another day like yesterday. She moaned and rolled over, trying to go back to sleep. It was no use. Sighing, she sat up . . . and gasped. Her room was immaculate. Everything was put in its proper place, the drawings were gone from the walls and the floor was even swept.


   Luke must have done this, she thought, walking out into the hall to find him. She almost ran into him.


   “Luke! Thank you so much! I . . .” Luke blinked his still half-shut eyes and looked around the hall.

   “Whoa! What happened?” he asked. His mother was shocked,

   “Y-you mean you didn’t do it?”

   “No way!”

   “Then who . . .?”

   A soft snore made them turn their heads. There, damp washcloth still in hand, Dani slept against the wall.

   “Dani!” her mother exclaimed. Dani was awake instantly. Mrs. Lyons hugged Dani to herself, “Why did you do it?”

   Dani didn’t seem to hear, “Mom? What’s omnishambles?” Mrs. Lyon’s smiled tearfully and squeezed Dani tighter,

   “Sunshine, omnishambles means you have the best family in the world.”


Aaaannd here’s a picture I drew of Dani eavesdropping outside her mom’s door:



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