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This is a really sweet christian short story from my author friend, Violet. I really liked it and hope you will too! Thanks, Violet!




She walked alone. Alone down the same old beaten path that she had been walking for so long. She knew every stone and stumbling block on that wide road. It was dark as it always was. The wind blew harshly and the thorns on the side lines seemed to reach out and try to grab her. Looking ahead she wondered when this path would end.

She knew the answer. The road was never going to end until she gave up and the road was only leading her in circles. Letting out a long depressed sigh she wanted to give up but she kept on walking. Just then the wind blew violently against the girl as it whispered lies in her ear. She knew that sound and she knew those lies and she knew they were lies but she believed them anyway.

Catching herself submitting to the darkness she growled in frustration at herself. “Why do I believe lies? Why do I continue to walk this path when I can clearly see that it is only making me miserable?” she asked herself. Again the blew hard against the figure this time with different lies and she listened.

“You are worthless. You are a wimp. You are so weak. You’ll never get out. But no on will want you unless you do,” she repeated to herself.

Just then she heard a voice. A name. Her name being called. Looking around she tired to find who had called her but with everything being black as night there was no possible way of seeing anything but the thorns and the path.

Again the voice sounded but a little louder now. She recognized the call, but the wind only blew stronger whenever she did forcing her to reject it.

“Come here,” she could here the voice faintly say. “Come to the one that loves you. Don’t listen to my enemies. They only hate you because I made you,” the voice went on to say but each word that was spoken the wind only blew harder and harder forcing her towards the thorns.

Resisting the wind no longer she let it push her towards the giant bushes of razor sharp thorns. The wind had almost forced her into the thorns when she dared to look to see the claws on the plants. Although she had seen these claws up close so many a time it scared her even still. Half heartedly she pushed against the wind. But the wind still blew strongly and slowly continued to push her towards the thorns. Half of her wanted to be flung into the arms to the clawed plants, while half of her just wanted to stay alive.

“I am here with you. You are and have never been alone,” the voice spoke again and the wind blew even harder whispering yet another set of lies.

“If you are here then why won’t you help me!” she cried in fear and frustration as the wind inch by pushed her closer and closer to the thorns.

“Look up and call for me,” the voice replied. Once more the wind pushed even harder against the girl. Just then she felt pain rip through her leg. Looking down she saw that the wind had now pushed her to the reaching range of the thorns.

This was as far as she had ever gone towards the thorns usually she had the strength to push back and stay on the road. Knowing the wind was only going to blow harder panic caused her heart to beat the fastest it had ever gone before. Her breathing quickened and she knew that she had not strength to fight the wind. Finally in complete panic she screamed, “Help me!”

Just then the wind ceased the blow causing her to fall forwards to land back on the path. Breathing heavy she was too weak to stand. Daring to look up she saw something that took her breath away. Light. Blinding light that looked so holy for even a wretch like her to stare at.

As she lay there she noticed another light. A dimmer light but closer. Like it was crouching down at her side.

“Do you want out?” the voice asked. Again the wind blew but it was more like a soft breeze that whispered in its familiar silky tone. Every other time she listened to the breeze and gave the voice a no. But she knew that if she did so again…the wind might manage to push her into the thorns. And that time all the way. Not just a scratch would be inflicted.

“Yes,” she replied weakly and to her surprise…the wind didn’t blow. Instead she felt something pick her up so gently and with such care as if she could fall to pieces at any second. She could feel who ever it was who was carrying her rise out of the dark place and up towards the light. As she was being carried she oddly felt a peace wash over her allowing her and encouraging her to rest her eyes.



She walked alone. She smiled for the first time in a very long while. Her pretty eyes sparkled with a hidden joy she could not explain herself. It had been an hour sense she awoke. The cut on her leg had been bandaged and she was clean. Clean of all the dirt that she had collected from the dark place. She felt lighter than ever before. And now here she was walking in the light. But strangely enough, even though the light was pleasant there was a faint breeze that blew. The same breeze she felt in the dark place which caused the light to some how feel unfamiliar. This reminded her of all the other times she had come to this same place and let the breeze lead her back to fall into the pit and to the dark place.

Just then she heard a voice. A name. Her name. Spinning around she saw a man clothed in light itself standing there a few yards away. His eyes glowed with love. A distinct love. A love for her and her only.

“Come here the beloved daughter of mine, who worth is far beyond anything of this world and far above that of my enemies. Come here and let me treasure you for I made you perfect and like myself.”

A tiny tear rolled down her cheek she sprinted towards the open arms of the man. “Oh daddy,” she said as he engulfed her in a tight hug. “I’m sorry for not trusting you.”

“It’s alright my daughter. Besides that is why I sent my son. So that we may have this time together. I forgive you.” She said as he stroked her long beautiful hair.

“Just remember,” he said as he placed her on his lap. “You are going to fail me more that one time everyday…but I still love you and will love you and I still want the best for you. You mean so much to me. And it breaks my heart to see you hurting. To see you not knowing that you are as beautiful, precious and noble as they come. And you are going to go agree with my enemies and fall back in that pit to the dark place. but remember…whatever they tell you…I love you and there is nothing that anyone, not even my enemies can do that will change that. You are royalty, from now until forever.”



If you liked her writing, she has also published her book here: Lost Memories

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