The Giant’s Dungeon

Hope you guys enjoy reading this! I was much inspired by all the prison scenes in “The Count of Monte Christo” movie. Really good movie, by the way.

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   After the fight, I was so weak I barely protested at all as the giant lifted me into the air by the back of leather amour, now in tatters. A deep, uncaring chuckle rumbled from somewhere in his barrel-like chest as he stood fully into the air and started towards his fortress.


   The ground moved swiftly past beneath his feet as we came closer up the thorny hill to the portcullis of his fortress. I took a deep breath and put all my weight into trying to pry myself loose from his grip.


   The giant’s fingers slipped a little. He grabbed me with his other hand and tightened his grip, tightening the amour around my neck. I coughed and tugged at my collar.


   We reached the portcullis, which the giant grabbed and threw open, then walked inside the castle. It looked like a dead man’s courtyard. Thorny tentacles slithered up every surface possible, tightening their chokehold on brown and wilted ivy. Rats scuttled across the dirty stone floor, carrying their chunks of moldy bread and rotten meat.


The giant wasted no time in the courtyard, quickly taking me down a snaking staircase to what could only be the dungeon. Tarred torches sputtered in the choking darkness all around us as we went further down the stairs than I imagined possible. My vision was darkening now from lack of air and cold fingers seemed to grip my shoulders and legs.


   “You failed,” the shadows whispered, “You failed your king. You’re a pathetic excuse for a warrior.” I did nothing to shake them off.


   We finally reached the dungeon level, lit by only one torch and with two cells on each side. The giant opened the closest one on the left and threw me to the floor. My ears rang and I gasped for air. The door slammed shut, the lock clicked in place and the giant started to walk away.


   “So I’m just going to be kept under lock and key for the rest of my life?” I tried to call, but it came out more of a whisper. The giant stopped and his shoulders shook with laughter.


   “Lock and key, eh? That’s a good one!” He laughed some more, “Here there’s no such thing as a key. But you will be kept under lock for the rest of your miserable life . . . whatever’s left of it anyway.”


   The door to the dungeon slammed shut.





   I had forgotten what the sky looked like. My hair was long and matted and my clothes were in rags. Time was almost non-existent in the dungeon. I got one meal a day, though I’m not sure which it was. For what I guessed was about a week, I’d had a cough and it was getting worse. Then they stopped sending down food, assuming I was dead from the sickness.


I cried and begged my God and King to come and help me, but no one came I sank to my knees and closed my eyes, still silently praying even though I was sure my King wouldn’t hear or care.


   Suddenly, I felt something warm. I opened my eyes and was enveloped in light. It was blinding, but I was able to make out the body of a man; a man I knew.

   “My King,” I whispered, pulling myself up slightly.


   “My precious child,” he replied, smiling warmly, “Come to me.” I staggered to my feet, but the bars of my cell still stood between him and me. He still stood, waiting.


   “My Lord, can’t you help me? There is no key to my cell.” He shook his head,


“You’ve had the key all along. Reach into your pocket.” I did. Something small and metal brushed my fingers. I pulled it out and looked. A tiny gold key glistened like a drop of sun in my palm. Etched across it was the word: “Faith”.


   “Sir, it’s much to small.”


   “Put it in the lock,” he commanded. I did and the door swung open wide. I stood, dumbfounded. My Lord stood and smiled again,


   “Come to me.” I walked to him and he enclosed me in a warm hug.


   “My child I will always give you everything needed to escape from your enemies. All you need is to believe and obey me. None of your enemies will ever be able to hold you.” He let go and held me at arm’s length, then handed me a sword,


   “Come. Let’s go defeat that giant together.”



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