Havdalah Service

G’day, everyone! Miss me?
Well, I finally got some internet, so I decided to post this article that just won 1st place in Faithwriters!!!!
The topic was Cup and Saucer. Please comment!




The sun sets below the black horizon of pine tree tops and the sky turns various shades of pink, purple and orange. I watch as the clouds slowly swirl by, pink as cotton candy.

“Time for Havdalah!” I hear my Daddy call.

“Coming!” I say back, standing quickly from off the porch steps and running inside. My siblings run around the house excitedly, turning off the lights in preparation for our after Sabbath prayers.

We gather around the end of our wooden table and wait as Dad finds the prayers. My sister grabs the matchbox and pulls out a match. There’s a rough, scratching sound, then a crackling whoosh as the end of the match blossoms into a tiny flame. She holds it towards the wicks on the Havdalah candle and they too pick up the orange light. My dad starts the prayers and we all sing:

“Behold, God is my salvation. I will trust and will not be afraid, for the Lord my God is my strength and my song. He also has become my salvation.”

Daddy starts to pour the wine into the cup, but my little brother bumps him and the wine overflows onto the big saucer holding all of our Havdalah things. My mom smiles,

“My cup overflows!” she quotes from Psalms; we all laugh. The wine cup is passed around and we are each allowed a tiny sip, then it’s time for the spices. Dad says the blessing for sweet spices and we pass the little silver spice holder around. The reflections from the candle jump wildly on the shiny surface of the holder as I take my turn smelling.

After everyone has smelled the spices, we put them away and it’s time to dunk the candle. I take the end of the candleholder and lift it off the saucer. I feel the heat of the flame tickling up and down my arm. I turn it slowly and the flames reach father upwards with their spidery fingers, trying to grasp at something.

As soon as the flames touch the wine left in the cup, there’s a sputtering sound and sweet-smelling candle smoke pirouettes into the air. My brother turns the light back on. The Havdalah service is over and a new week has begun.

Shavuah Tov!

A Good Week!

*The Havdalah service is a real, Jewish tradition performed every Saturday evening after sundown.
Our family is not Jewish, but we still think this service is a beautiful thing and we celebrate it.

Any thoughts?

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