Ultimate Destinations

A fun travelogue for Faithwriters. Enjoy!



Dear Sir or Madam,



Chances are that if you are reading this letter, you are human. And there is a trip that all humans make, whether they want to or not.


Depending on a number of factors, the day on which you take that trip may be fast approaching or still far in the future, but, for far more assurance and comfort, choosing your destination now is a smart move.


You have two choices.


Here are short summations of the two places, written by the owner of each:







I have spent thousands of years preparing a place for you and would love nothing more than for you to see it and enjoy it.


In Heaven, you will meet all your heroes: Abraham, Moses, King David, Esther and many others. The streets are paved with gold and there is no night, for I make the light in heaven and it never goes out.


There is no fear. No death. No pain or suffering. You will live with Me forever in eternal joy.


There’s just one catch: You have to sign up now.


I love you, My child.








Trust me. This is where you’ll want to go. It’s easier to walk the wide path anyway.

When you arrive you will be greeted by an enthusiastic welcoming party (We are always more than overjoyed to welcome any new guest into our facilities).


We have balmy temperatures all the time*, lovely lakeside views**, and you can always sit by the fire***. There will be plenty of fun activities to do****. You’ll be having so much fun, it’ll be hard to get any sleep!


Best of all: There is no God here. No stupid laws. No mushy love, and no way to get out.


You’ll love it here!





Your experience may be different from our proprietor’s.


Poetic license has been taken.



*Generally around 451 degrees Fahrenheit.


**Lake of fire


***Or in it.


***Fun for us, anyway.






There are the two options!


Where do you want to spend your eternal vacation?


Deuteronomy 11:26-28



Please comment!


Any thoughts?

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