From One Hair To Another

Hello everyone!

Another faithwriters entry. I’m on the topic of envy this time.

To all the straight-haired girls out there from a curly girl.



Dear Straight-Hair,


   It is very commonly known that you wish you were me and, I must admit, I have wished I were you on quite a few occasions.


   This has gone on for ages and it simply must stop.


   God has created us differently and we should enjoy the way we are and make the best of it.


   We both have numerous ways of changing our appearance to look like each other, barely any are healthy or, honestly, very flattering. You are turning yourself nearly inside out in your attempts to look like me and it’s not doing your health any good.


You’ve lost your usual glow and life. You’re no longer you, or me. You’ve turned into a shell, and I can’t help but feel responsible for not giving you this talk before.


   I don’t think you have ever considered that I have problems of my own. Let me list a few for you.


  1. Though a lot of people admire me from afar, most people who actually know me hate me. They say I make their life more difficult. I agree.


  1. I am very high maintenance and not all people have time for me. They instead choose to wrestle me into a multitude of different hairstyles or douse me with chemicals to tame me to look like you. These processes are torturous and draining for both parties.


  1. I get into a lot more tangles than you ever have. Take my word for it.


  1. When I am at my best, being admiringly touched by strangers is an everyday occurrence.


  1. I have a habit of wildly flying in all directions (I believe I was the hair in question in Song Of Solomon 4:1), forming a halo above my wearer; a rather unflattering and un-endearing habit.


  1. As far as books and movies go, you appear far much more than me in either.


  1. Unlike you, I’m very disagreeable and unpredictable for anyone who doesn’t know how to work with me.


Now, Dear Straight-Hair, all this is not to say that I am not content with my lot in life. I am just saying that you should be happy with yours. I have problems just like you and my life with many people has not been a good one.


It is a sad fact of this cursed world that but a happy few will accept us the way we are. I hope our wearers are inspired to increase the number of that happy few, if any happen upon this message.


Straight-hair, you are beautiful. The way you swish and blow in the wind so gracefully never ceases to amaze me. Accept who you are. God knew what he was doing when he made you.


You are loved more than you can ever know.


Stay shiny and smooth,




What did you think?

Is your hair curly or straight?

Please comment!


8 thoughts on “From One Hair To Another

  1. I have curly hair. X-P
    Okay, this has taken over my life recently; what started as a series of drawings exploring how characters use their appearance to express themselves over time turned into an exploration of how Cap’s character progression worked and later a drawing of a girl version of Captain America, who, unlike Jenny “Bucky” Barnes, is not classically pretty and is no social butterfly… gah, it’s trying to eat my life. Basically, so far what I have is a series of drawings of a girl with shoulder-length, stick-straight hair, a small bust, and a plainish face. However, I think she’s pretty…. It did spawn some good things, though, such as this quote, which will sooner or later make it into fanfiction:
    “Steve slammed his hand into the counter top, sending the papers scattering. ‘The reason why I don’t like pandering to the media,’ he said, ‘is that right after Operation Rebirth, I was sent on a tour around the country by people who neglected to mention that I was an immigrant, poor, Irish, and Catholic. They painted me as white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, and sold me for all I was worth. Now, though I’m glad that’s over, I try to learn from the past, but I still am, as you’d put it, “camera-shy.:; Tony blinked.
    ‘I wasn’t aware that you felt so strongly about it.’ Steve clenched his teeth.
    ‘There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, Stark,’ he muttered, fingers twisting into a fist. It looked painful. ‘I’m sorry. I shouldn’t take out my ire on you.’ Tony swallowed.
    ‘Yeah, a few drinks and it’s forgotten,’ he said, smiling uncomfortably.
    ‘That won’t solve anything,’ Steve pointed out. Tony actually grinned this time.
    ‘Yeah, but it will make both of us feel better.'”

      1. Same. Except mine is brown, not red, so if I were out on the street doing stuff, minding my own business, Steve might mistake me for Peggy. Well, unless he noticed that I come up to his eyes and barely have to look up at him… (Yeah, my life is weird. I’m taller than Orlando Bloom, Viggio Mortensen, and Ewan McGregor by an inch. Loki has an inch on me. Steve has three. Thor… well, Thor’s freakin’ huge. X-P

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