Different Drum

Hey, folks! (any ideas what else I can call you guys? I’m running out of ideas.)

We got this song not that long ago after hearing it at… ahem… a friend’s wedding. 🙂

It was a betrothal wedding, so it was really sweet. A summer theme with gingham and sunflowers everywhere. Just simple and beautiful.

So, then it came time for the wedding feast, which was a few days after the wedding.

The whole wedding procession came over the hill, and the bride’s brother turned on some classic violin music. Honestly, that was the sort of music I’d expect. But I was wrong.

The violin music played for a few seconds, then it switched out for this song. At first everyone just kind of jumped and looked around like “What?”, then we just started laughing and clapping to the beat.

Everyone in the wedding procession was marching along and swinging their arms until they got to their table.

All this to say, it was a big hit.

If this is the way this marriage starts out, I can’t wait to see what God does with these guys! 😀

Anyway, the song.



Is that a wedding song or what? 😉

Please comment!


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