Man vs. Kitchen

Watch in suspense as man takes on the cruel and unfamiliar world of the kitchen!

A friend emailed us this video the other day and we all loved it… and continued to watch a bunch more of the Jostie Flicks videos. I mean, it’s homeschooler videos, so we relate. šŸ˜‰ I’d encourage you to check out more of their videos here:



My brother about died laughing with the flour part. XD

What was your favorite part?

Please comment!


15 thoughts on “Man vs. Kitchen

    1. This is a disaster. ~~SGR
      I thought it was funny. Also, hopefully everyone knows not to cook eggs in a plastic bag, because the bag will melt…
      That’s what I was trying to say!~~SGR
      I think either Tony or Coulson gave him hacking lessons… If it was Coulson I’ll just pester him for hacking lessons. If it was Tony… *grabs a frying pan* >:-D

          1. Meh, it’s more a loss of dignity than anything else. Also, apparently Jyyri “Ben” Lei travels across alternate dimensions as well as in time, and Jennifer is widely believed in the future to be the first of the next evolution of the human species–wut.
            -_- Let’s just say that I’m taking Darwin and muddling him really bad, for the sake of a good story. X-P

          2. Sorry. Ben was just suggesting things that Steve should draw and “accidentally” walloping/tripping other people who were walking around with his wings. Pest. -_- He might have wings, but he’s no angel.

        1. Steve is actually a pretty good cook. And… um… well, let’s just say that he’s getting a kick out of exploring ethnic cuisine with the help of one Bruce Banner. (They made curry. It was really good, but really spicy. I like spicy, but not when it’s overdone, like in Subway’s version of buffalo chicken. That was painful. And I made honey mustard chicken…. mmmmmm. Anyway, we’ve been trying different things and I borrowed my dad’s book on barbecue from around the world. Tony specializes into turning things into charcoal with mad cackles, but the rest of us are pretty good with charcoal, if you know what I mean. ;-P)

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