Baby Pianist

The picture posts are going to be a lot better quality around here now. I got the cord that connects my camera (the really cool professional one) to the computer and uploaded all my 1,491 pictures from ever since the beginning of March.


Hooray!!! I look so professional. 🙂

So, I’m going to share my most recent favorites of my 1 year old sister, Maggie, at our piano.




She’s amazingly musical for her age. 😉
Little cutie 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Which one is your favorite?

Please comment!



27 thoughts on “Baby Pianist

      1. Hey, I have curly hair, too! Only mine’s a bit darker and curls a little more tightly 😛 I’m starting growing it out all over again. Fortunately, I don’t think we have to do the project I was growing it out for until next summer 😛

        1. Cool! Yeah, it’s really hot here right now, so an abundance of hair is getting annoying to tote around. I’m going to get a few inches taken off sometime. 😛 What project are you growing your out for?

          1. I’m growing mine out so when we finally get to film our project (which is sort of a gender-swapped modern take on Sherlock Holmes with Shannon Holmes and Jamie Watson as our inseparable pair–I’m playing Shannon and Iris is Jamie), I’ll have long hair up until about the end of the first season (it’s supposed to be a bit like a TV show), when Shannon gets in a car accident because Moriarty is trying to kill her and her braid gets trapped in some twisted metal, and she has to cut herself free with a pair of school scissors and a pocket knife. (Not sure if Moriarty later frees the severed braid and keeps it as a trophy, because that would be super creepy, but hey, he’s obsessed with killing a just-out-of-college detective, so nothing is too crazy for him. Basing our Moriarty more off of “Sherlock”‘s mightily insane one. I’m so scared of Andrew Scott now, if I ran into him at a convention or something I’d probably turn right around and run.) Anyway, after that Shannon decides she likes her hair short (though Jamie doesn’t approve–she’s sort of weirded-out by Shannon with short hair, even though Jamie herself, being ex-military, sports a rather short cut.) Of course, we’re not ACTUALLY going to cut my hair with school scissors. We’re going to cut off the braid and send it to Locks of Love. 😉 If we decide that Moriarty keeps it as a trophy (in the show), we’ll just make a fake one. But it’ll have to be pretty thick because my hair is. My sister’s hair is even thicker–her braid is thicker than Elsa’s. She’s like a real-life brunette Astrid with how thick her hair is!

          2. COOL!!! I want to see that when you make it! 😀 Locks of love is awesome, too. Good choice. 😉
            Same here. I have super thick hair (if I have two braids in, one of them is still thicker than most people’s hair in one braid), but my sister’s is thicker. She dressed up as Astrid once and all she had to do to her hair was spray some gold on it to make it lighter. XD

          3. Thank you!!! 😀 I sure hope it works out. 😉 It’s very much a work in progress, though. It’s really fun because my real-life brother is playing Mycroft, who is a bit more energetic than the book version and a secret agent–he keeps trying to recruit his sister, who keeps refusing because she is “not a team player.” She refuses to work with anyone but Jamie. I’m kind of working on costumes, but got sidetracked by another idea and really wanted a pair of Victorian-style women’s boots. -_- I must be crazy.

          1. Definitely! He can be fun. Just old enough to carry on a conversation with, but not all are conversations I particularly want to spend 30 minutes on… 😛

          2. Oh man. Yeah. XD Sometimes it’s fun to go over the top with the reactions, though . Like say you picked her up, smiled hugely and said “why that’s wonderful, dear! Congratulations!”
            But usually that’s what they want… 😛

          3. Another time, I just strung her along, and she told me this bewildering story about marrying Steve Rogers and getting Wonder Woman to be her maid of honor. Whaaaat?

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