The Wormhole & Extraterrestrial Hairball

Hey, guys!

Last night, SprinkleSquink and I did a little writing exercise/picture prompt thing. It was really fun and we liked how they turned out, so we thought we’d share!

Here was the picture prompt:


And here is my writing bit (we had a 250 word limit):


My wormhole experiment took a little bit to actually start working. Which was great that it worked at all, but the thing was that it started right in the middle of class.


It started out small and fairly cute. Just a little vortex in the middle of the chalkboard. Barely anyone noticed. Pencils continued to scratch on paper and there were occasional glances up at Mr. Thomas. Other students lolled in their seats, hardly taking the effort to look like they were paying attention.


But a growing wormhole taking over the chalkboard is doomed to be noticed by even the most inattentive of students.


All over the room bodies straightened, staring at the scientific phenomenon unfolding behind our science teacher. In less than a minute, everyone sat upright and baffled.


The vacuum would probably start up in a few minutes, and I kind of liked Mr. Thomas, so I stuck my hand up in the air.


He pointed at me, “Yes?”


“Excuse me sir, but there’s a wormhole on the chalkboard.”


Mr. Thomas blinked and squinted at me,




“There’s a wormhole on the chalkboard, sir.”


He turned around and jumped back involuntarily, muttering something that sounded like “Good Lord.” Mr. Thomas was always a good sport about stuff like that, and he recovered fairly quickly, turning around to face us.


“Class dismissed. Single file out of the classroom, please.”


“What about homework?” Someone called. It got a few laughs.


“Research ‘How to shut down a wormhole.’ And hurry.”



And here is SprinkleSquink’s:

The Extraterrestrial Hairball

A teenaged person shuffled in to the classroom, more teenaged people shuffled into the classroom.


Ok so a lot of teenaged people were shuffling into this classroom.


It was time for a teenager class at college, which is where teenaged people go. The teacher was a man in a suit with a tie, black hair and glasses. He was most likely going to teach something.


He had a screen. There was something projected on the screen there were several things that it might be… my guess: terrible fight between a bobcat and a proboscis monkey.


A puzzled teenager still stood in the isle; he was most likely trying to decipher what that shapeless blob was. “Achgem.” Said the teacher in a surprisingly low voice.


“My name is Braywin Diplodocus. I am here too teach about this!” he said with a wave of his hand, displaying the fantastical scribble.


Ok Mr. crazy pants what is it?


“What the heck is it?” asked a student.


“Well,” answered Braywin “This is an invention that aliens made! It is a machine that orbits earth sucking the hair out of your shower drains.” He chattered excitedly. “Well the aliens would not let us take it without a price so we gave them… All of our instant oatmeal!”


In that classroom there was such a wailing that there was none like it before!


“But,” added Braywin “they let us have it! And it is called the extra-terrestrial hairball.”


*slaps forehead* Never would have thought of that!


Hope you enjoyed!

Please comment, and feel free to use the picture prompt yourself. 🙂


32 thoughts on “The Wormhole & Extraterrestrial Hairball

  1. lol so funny, although I thought of a wormhole when I saw the picture, but the E,T,H so funny, I do have one question, do we get to keep the regular oatmeal? I’m ok with giving the instant stuff, if we get to keep the regular stuff.

  2. Research: “How to shut down a wormhole.” Oh gosh that was hilarious. xD You both were very clever! Sometimes I try to do short prompts like these but I’m a wordy person and it’s so harddd to keep it down to only a few hundred words, so kudos to you. 😉

    Katie Grace | A Writer’s Faith

    1. Glad you liked it, Katie! Thanks. 🙂 It is pretty hard keeping to a word limit. I was practiced at that from other word limit things I’ve done. But it’s a lot a matter of knowing what to cut from the final product. 😛

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