SprinkleSquink’s Birthday!!!

Today marks the 13th birthday of a very important sister of mine.

‘Tis the birthday of SprinkleSquink!


She is many things to me (including, but not limited to): My roommate, business partner, writing/drawing buddy, one to share ridiculous jokes with and my personal plot bunny generator.


All of those are extremely important roles, and she is incredibly brilliant in filling them all.


So, now, 2 fun things. The first is a poem, written in her honor, and the second is a… well… I don’t know. Something ridiculous we came up with together.


Anyway, enjoy. 🙂


An Ode To SprinkleSquink


Really long fingers and monkey-like toes

Enjoys confused glances wherever she goes


Poncho around her and paint on her hands

She paints many pictures of faraway lands


Extremely thick hair and a wide, dimpled grin

Loved and admired by her friends and her kin


Strange sense of fashion intriguing to all

Happiest girl you could find in the fall


Sprinkles on everything, no matter what

Lover of horses and lambies and mutts


Artist, comedian, maker of cool things

Could never imagine the blessings she brings




A glimpse of SprinkleSquink and my everyday interactions:


She and I seem to share the humor of the absurd.


The other day she asked if flies’ spirits would be as annoying as flies themselves are. We pondered that for a bit and wondered if there could be a house haunted by the ghosts of flies. And whether that would be scary or annoying.


Squink then proceeded to ask what if all flies had names. And what if King Saul had a fly he was friends with named Bob. We got into the spirit of the story and she elaborated.


So, Bob died and Saul was devastated. Then, when he goes to the Witch of Endor, he asks her to call up the spirit of Bob, not Samuel. The witch does. At first, we had fun imitating Bob cursing Saul in a big deep voice (“Why have you disturbed me?! For this, you and your sons will die.”) and Saul’s horrified reaction (“Noooo! Bob! I thought we were friends! Don’t do this to me, Bob!”).


But, flies don’t talk, they buzz. And so a different scenario emerged.


The witch does her thing and Bob appears over her fire, then buzzes over and lands on Saul’s shoulder. Saul is touched beyond words. Bob, his mission fulfilled, buzzes at Saul one more time and flies back into the fire to disappear in a puff of smoke.


The witch is amused by this and looks over at Saul, imitating Bob’s buzz.


Saul is insulted at this mockery of Bob and shoves the witch into the fire, where she screams and dies in agony.


The story ended there because we were laughing to hard to continue. Our stomachs hurt for the rest of the day and it didn’t help matters at all that we kept looking at each other every time we passed and going: “Bzzt!”


See, now what would I do without that sort of thing? I’d be miserable, that’s what. No one else would even think of connecting King Saul with a ghostly fly named Bob.


I pity the rest of the poor, poor world out there. All the people who have to get through every day without a SprinkleSquink.


In short, I love my sister.

Happy birthday, Squink. 🙂 ❤


10 thoughts on “SprinkleSquink’s Birthday!!!

  1. That’s so sweet!!

    And that seems like my kind of humor (which unfortunately, my family does not get. 😦 )

    Anywho, happy 13th Sprinklesquinks!! Have a great day! (and the rest of your life, I don’t know why people always say just your birthday. *goes off to ponder this* 😀 😀

  2. *falls in through the window, a few days late* HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *throws confetti and hands out cake*
    I think I got lost in the Time Vortex… again…
    Also, that conversation was BRILLIANT!!! X-D

    1. Squink says thanks! 🙂 I showed her and got a giggle.
      I was actually considering writing a short story of Bob the fly… though the ending wouldn’t be very conclusive… 😛

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