2nd Blogiversary and Giveaway

My goodness. Has it been two years already?

Two years ago today I slogged through the coding and posted my first picture: Dewy Leaf, starting the blog that would later become the home of all my randomness.


Top 5 blogging things I’m thankful for this year:

5. My serial Hornblower fanfiction and the fact that people are actually enjoying it

4. The new camera for taking pictures

3. More comments this year!

2. Meeting fellow bloggers

  1. The wonderful, God-given opportunity to share stuff with everyone! 😀

I’m so thankful for all you guys reading my stuff and not barfing at how horrible it is. 

That means a lot to me. 

And, stats in a bit, but, guests first. I’ve got a giveaway for you guys! Free stuff!

The Fantabulous Writefury Giveaway

And that ends next week.

The prizes include:

A Clay Writefury



An adorable little clay Toothless to sit on your desk. Because who wouldn’t want to look at those adorable green eyes all the time?

Odd Team Out Ebook


A free PDF of my first book ever published.

Paracord Sailor’s Knot Bracelet


A nautical blue bracelet in braided loop. Wear it everywhere! I do it with mine…

Photo print of your choice

writefury Collage

Choose any of my photos to be printed out in a certain size for you.

Captain America Shield clay necklace


Wear the colors of the captain with pride with this little shield necklace. Hung on blue embroidery thread.

Entered? Good. I hope you win. 😉

Poll, now. (I do this every year, bear with me…)

Now let’s go through some stats:

I have 28 categories and 914 tags total. My largest category , Stories, topping out at 49 posts.

196 posts total.

The top 5 posts:

Chocolate Babka (Smitten Kitchen)


Happy, Rainy Day

Following Orders, Part 3: Breakfast

My Books

Top 5 visiting countries:

United States

United Kingdom



New Zealand

And to wrap up:

I have 7,536 total page views and 157 total followers.


Wow wow wow.

Believe me when I say I had no clue at all this would get this big.

I mean… it’s great! But again…. wow.

Computer coding homework, my foot…

Have a good one guys!



10 thoughts on “2nd Blogiversary and Giveaway

  1. Haaapppy Blogversary!! CELEBRATORY CAKE ALL ROUND!! And omg that little Toothless is just adorable. *ahem* But omg you’re blog is doing fantastically and wow and congrats on the amazing followers and pageviews :’) When my blog turned 2 I still had less than 50 followers I think. >_< I had no idea how to blog for so long! SO YOU ARE STUPENDOUS, BASICALLY.

  2. NO! How could you make me choose my favorite thing about this blog?! I scrolled all the way down looking for an option in the poll that said “EVERYTHING” but there wasn’t one. :’-(
    Also, ❤ that gif! X-D
    I am SO yelling "Writefury! Get down!" when I'm on the way to my classes today at college. Because on campus you can get away with things that you couldn't at the mall X-D Of course, people will probably just hear "Night Fury" but you never know, I might make a few new friends doing that! 😛
    Also, I have a couple of characters to type. But Arden is a type five–he's complex and sort-of-not-a-very-nice-person, but he's funny–sort of dark humor, so I'm leaving him here.

    1. Okay, that’s better than choosing your favorite thing. XD ❤
      I know! I found that and had to use it somewhere… 😛
      Hooo sweeet!! XDDD You have to tell me how that goes!

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