The Ground Is Lava

Eventually, this game has to have its own poem, right? 😉

Enjoy, guys.

The Ground Is Lava

Don’t touch the ground, whatever you do

You’ll be burned by what’s there and you’ll die

And I’d keep to the couches if I were you

Or the end of your short life is nigh

The ground is now lava

The flooring is molten

The carpet is broiling hot.

Tie together a pillow raft

Scoot in a chair

Escape with whatever you’ve got

Socks won’t protect you and shoes will not save

The lava will burn through them all.

Balancing on the wall trimming works for a bit

Just be careful and try not to fall.

Climb up the stair rail

Slide on old toys

Make a safe path with baskets and books

Scootch away in a laundry bin

Row with a spatula

Don’t be fooled by the floor’s harmless looks

And if, heaven forbid, you do happen to fall

Your body falls splat on the ground . . .

I don’t think that counted

Guys, that wasn’t fair. We need to just restart the round.

And this just made me laugh too hard:


Anybody identify?

Hope you liked it!

Please comment!


13 thoughts on “The Ground Is Lava

  1. “Blow Me Away” by Breaking Benjamin. I don’t recognize the picture, though. 😛
    You made me want to write a short story where Team TARDIS is playing “The Floor Is Lava” and every time the Doctor sets foot on the floor the TARDIS gives him a mild shock, like scuffing your socks on carpet and zapping your friend, and the others all giggle whenever he gives the TARDIS a hurt look X-D

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