Kitchen Impossible, Part 2

I haven’t eaten all day.

So I’m kind of pathetic at the moment. My typing hand is all shaky.

But, hey. I finished my Kitchen Impossible story for you guys.



If you have no idea what I’m talking about, or want to refresh before finishing the story, the first part is at the bottom of this post: Fan Stuffs

And Ethan and Benji with sunglasses, because.


Can Ethan and Benji succeed in making Brandt dinner while defeating an assasin?

Let’s find out! 🙂

Kitchen Impossible 2

The door broke open on the second try and flung open against the wall. But inside was quiet.


The man stopped, still gripping his knife tightly and looked around the room. He could have sworn there were voices in here just a minute ago . . .


A slight noise in the kitchen area made him jump a little and he turned, stepping around the corner. It looked like the space was empty. But, then again, he couldn’t see behind the island counter.


Walking carefully the man advanced. Was that breathing he heard? He peered around the countertop to see a smaller man crouched behind, clutching something desperately in his hand and squinching his eyes shut.


“Hey!” he barked out, holding his dagger out threateningly, “You. On your feet.”


The man behind the counter jumped and opened his eyes.


“I said on your feet.


The smaller man leaped up and put his hands in the air. “Please . . . I . . . I’m unarmed.” He flinched as the knife was moved closer.


“Are you William Brandt?” the question was more of a growl.


“N-no. Benjamin Dunn.” Benji clutched the small item in his hand tighter.


“And if you’re unarmed, what are you holding?”


“Um . . . s-sprinkles.” He winced as he said it.


The man raised an eyebrow but gave no comment. “And if you’re not Brandt, where is he? And what are you doing in his apartment?”


“I’m . . .” Benji’s gaze flicked briefly over the man’s shoulder, then locked back onto his face, “ . . . not quite at the liberty to say much.” He swallowed.


“Maybe I can help you decide what you’re at the liberty to say.” The man took a menacing step forwards and Benji once again cast a nervous look over his shoulder. The advance stopped.


“Why do you keep looking there?”




“Over my shoulder.”


Benji’s eyes widened and he gave an attempted nonchalant shrug. There was a small noise from behind.


The man squinted, “Right.”


In one swift move, he grabbed Benji, spun around and hovered his blade a few inches off of his captive’s neck. Standing right behind where he’d just been stood another man with a frying pan in his raised hand.


Ethan Hunt was pretty easy to identify.


“Not a step closer!” The man snapped.


Ethan froze and put his hands up, still loosely holding the pan handle.


“And put down the pan.”


Ethan set it down quietly and gave it a gentle push across the counter towards the man. His expression looked remarkably calm. Keeping his hands up he took a couple of slow steps forward. “What do you want with Agent Brandt?”


“None of your business, Hunt.” The knife was gripped tighter and Benji sucked in his breath.


Ethan paused for a second, then took the last step to close the gap. “I usually make my teammates’ safety my business.”


Suddenly, he whipped out with both hands, pushing the knife away from Benji’s throat with one and grabbing the now in-reach frying pan with the other. There wasn’t much momentum to the hit he gave the attacker, but it was enough that he let Benji go.


Benji ducked out and Ethan gave another swipe to try and hit the knife out of the man’s hand. Unfortunately, this only succeeded in making him angrier.


With a roar, he threw himself at Ethan and the two rolled to the ground. It was all Ethan could do with the pan to keep the knife from plunging into him at every available opportunity.


Benji seemed to be busy with something, though through the tussle he couldn’t quite make out what. He got his answer soon enough.


“Hey!” his voice cut through the noise of the fight. Both men looked up just in time to see a barrage of microscopic, rainbow tidbits raining down on them and getting straight in both of their eyes.


“Augh!” the bigger man dropped his knife and rolled off the top of Ethan, rubbing at his eyes. Ethan would have appreciated it if he hadn’t been having the same problem.


Benji’s voice came again. “Ethan, out of the way!”


Blinking hard, Ethan managed to see his way to “out of the way”. There was a loud “thunk” and the other man’s noise stopped.


A loud sigh of relief came from Benji, then it was quiet for a moment. Ethan blinked enough sprinkles out of one of his eyes enough to fully open it and saw what had happened.


“Well, that’s one use for a cantaloupe.”


“Yeah . . .” Benji let out his breath again and gave Ethan an apologetic smile. “Sorry about the sprinkles, man. I wasn’t trying to get you with those.”


“Well, it worked. Let’s call it even.” Ethan rubbed the last of the sprinkles out of his other eye and stood up. “Let’s get him tied up and finish the fish. The oven should be done heating up by now.”




Brandt walked into his apartment to the smell of something cooking and stopped, confused.


Did I walk into the wrong apartment? He looked around to be sure. No, there was his couch . . . his coffee table . . . his fishbowl . . . What on earth?


“Hey, Brandt!” Benji’s cheerful voice came from the kitchen, making him jump.


Brandt stepped around the corner to see Benji wearing an apron and Ethan with oven mitts, pulling a pan out of the oven. He stopped and dropped his bag. “What . . .?”


“Benji’s idea,” Ethan clarified as he set the pan down on a rack.


Benji grinned, “You said making dinner would be impossible. We’re the Impossible Mission Force. The choice was pretty easy.”


Brandt opened and closed his mouth a few times, but no sound came out. “Well . . . I . . .” He let out his breath, “Thank you?”


“More than welcome,” Benji untied the apron strings and pulled it off. “I found a packet of potatoes, too. So you’ve got a pot of those on the stove. Ethan and I aren’t staying.”


Ethan smirked, “We’ve got something to drop off.” They both started towards the door.


“Talk to you later,” Benji said as he put on his coat, “We’ve got a . . . bit of a story to tell as well.”


“Right . . .” Brandt walked over to the island counter and peered over at the food, “Well, thanks again, guys. I don’t think I could have whipped up something edible.” He gave a wave as they closed the door and left down the hall.


Shaking his head, he walked around to get a plate. His shoes crunched on something as he did and he looked down. Rainbow bits rolled across the tile floor. He frowned.


What are sprinkles doing on the floor?




Hope you liked that! 😀 Please tell me what you thought!



P.S. So I said I hadn’t eaten all day. That was for a reason. So, this is the biblical fast of Esther and Israel has called a fast and prayer watch over today and the next two days. I’m not going to totally fast the whole way, but I’m going to do what I can. If any of you want to do a selective fast sometime over the next couple days that would be great to help the effort.

If nothing else, keep Israel and our fam in your prayers.

And don’t mention food around me. 😛

29 thoughts on “Kitchen Impossible, Part 2

  1. Ah, fasting is the perfect time to write this story. 😛 I was going to ask why you hadn’t eaten, and now I know!!! Great ending to the story!!!! 😀 The sprinkles on the floor… 😛

    1. I know, right?! XD I was regretting it. But I told myself I’d get it up today, so… yeah. 😛
      Thanks! XD Yes, Brandt will have some words for Ethan and Benji later…

        1. Squink had an element I wasn’t able to get in. Brandt’s fish is one of those creepy looking algae eaters. And it’s always sucking on the side that Benji’s on and freaking him out. XP

  2. Great story! Although I’m wondering where the villain is at the moment…
    I’ll be praying your fasting goes well! 🙂

      1. I kind of figured he was the delivery, I was just surprised they deemed it safe to leave him unguarded when some of his cohorts are likely still on the loose. 😉

  3. Wow, great job! As a fan of the Mission: Impossible movies, I have a pretty good idea of the characters and their personalities, and I must say, you portrayed Benji EXTREMELY well!

  4. Hewo!! (Elmerfuddnese for the word commonly used for a greeting in the English language: “hi”! lol XD)
    Great ending!!! : ) How come I will never be able to use rainbow sprinkles the same, ever again??? lol
    I saw there was a fast today on my Google calendar (no, Google doesn’t volunteer Jewish holidays — I took it off of “Christian” holidays setting, and set it on the Jewish ones. Though I must comment that there are quite a bit more Jewish holy days than Biblical holy days… 😐

    We never fasted for the Esther Fast thingy because that is strictly a Jewish ordained fast, and we don’t observe any feast day that wasn’t ordained in Leviticus 23, except for New Year’s, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah! 🙂
    However, we do fast every year for Yom Kippur! 🙂 Sometimes its good, and sometimes not. I always use that time to make up with people I have wronged. Pretty rough time of it, especially having a temper like mine!! X(

    1. Haha, yep! 😛 Bet you couldn’t guess that was SprinkleSquink’s ingredient idea…
      We don’t usually do the fast of Esther, but our Messianic folks AND Israel called a fast, so we kinda went with it. I had a bit of a pit-stop snack last night, though. Two days of not eating and then running off to direct a play didn’t quite seem like a great idea… XD

          1. I’m thinking like an extra pocket or something. A spot on a utility belt specially reserved for his disguised container of sprinkles… XD Who should find them and bust him, do you suppose…?

          2. Yes. XD Natasha says nothing. Tony won’t let him alone. Thor is intrigued. And Steve files away this information and remembers to get sprinkles for Clint’s birthday party. XP

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