MacDonald Hall Goes Hollywood: Book Review

I am very glad that there was one book in this series I’d never heard of. Going back and reading Bruno and Boots books again was awesome. And now I can review it for you guys! 😀

I seriously grew up on the MacDonald Hall series and a lot of my writing inspiration started from it, so yeah. I really love these. Read them and you will have a deeper understanding of me. 😛

Here’s the review!

MacDonald Hall Goes Hollywood: Book Review


Thats a horrible picture. Pay no heed. Bruno and Boots don’t look like that, Jordie isn’t a cocky jerk and the girls would never stand nicely while he signed their stuff.



MacDonald Hall has been Chosen. It is Fabulous. Perfect. Ideal- as the set for a Hollywood movie, with superstar Jordie Jones.


Bruno would do anything to be in the movie. Boots will do anything to keep out of trouble. And the girls of Miss Scrimmage’s Finishing School next door would do anything to meet Jordie Jones.


Move over Abbott and Costello. Out of the way Laurel and Hardy- and shut your trap, Three Stooges- here comes Bruno and Boots.


What I thought:

Good stuff:

Hard to figure out where to start here. I absolutely loved it, though. I laughed my head off and stayed up late reading, which are both usually good signs.

The characters were amazingly done and the dialog was spectacular.

Gordon Korman is amazing at bring back every little thing and making it important, so the plot was really well done as well. Think Shakespeare’s comedies for plot structure.

And, of course, the humor.

Oh, I love the humor.

It’s mostly character based, which is my absolute favorite, with quite a bit of situational (there’s one instance I’m thinking of… poor Boots… *chuckles*)

Overall, I loved it to bits. 🙂


Bad stuff:

From my mom’s recollection, I was expecting the weakest installment in the MacDonald Hall series. Mostly from Bruno being really weird and worldly trying to get into the movie. There was that, but most of the bugging part of that was at the beginning before he makes peace with Jordie. Other than that, I’m not coming up with much.

Oh, yeah. Don’t judge Scrimmage’s girls based on this book alone. They’re absolute horrors in this. Go read War with Mr. Wizzle or something afterwards to cleanse your palate.


Character typing:

(new review element! Tell me what you guys think about this below.)

Bruno: ENTP

Boots: ISFJ

Look at that. Bruno and Boots are opposites. XD It makes perfect sense, though.

Mr. Sturgeon/The Fish: xSTJ

Jordie Jones: ENFJ? (Not sure I got to know his character well enough. But Fe seemed to be the driving force.)

Cathy Burton: ENFP

Wilbur Hackenschliemer: ESFJ (Guys, this is hilarious because he’s the same type as my brother John who’s a total foodie like Wilbur.)

Elmer Drimsdale: INTP


And, I’ve got another book from my birthday to review soon. The sequel to Masterminds! 😀 *gets really excited* so that’ll be fun.

Have you ever read Gordon Korman’s books? Think you will?

Please comment!


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