Salem Riverfront Carousel

I said I took lots of pictures on the trip last week. So here I’m back to bomb you with more. We’ll take a break and have some more writing soon, I promise. 😉

Now, this isn’t your average, dinky, little-kid carousel. It’s actually quite big and fun and I rode all three times we went on it. (Supervising little kids, okay? Peter was next to me. 😛 )

All the horses are hand carved out of wood and given a name to fit their theme. I wish I’d gotten pictures of all of them, but… that would have taken a lot of posts.

So. Enjoy the carousel! 🙂



The little baby wagon is adorable. But, it didn’t move. So of course no one would be caught dead in it once the carousel started moving… 



Some of my favorites of the side carvings.



Meet “Woodland’s Crusader”. A delightfully medieval horse.



Playing with some sepia filters here.



A kind of organ thing up in its own little shelf in the wall.



The horses “Razzle Dazzle” and “Liberty”. 



The horses’ names in lights. 🙂



The top of the carousel as viewed from my trusty steed (see below).



Meet Bucky.

He’s my favorite. ❤




And this is Bucky’s lovely neighbor, Kate. 🙂


Hope you enjoyed! Which was your favorite picture? Or horse, for that matter? Have you been to any cool carousels?

Please comment!

17 thoughts on “Salem Riverfront Carousel

  1. That’s so neat! I need to find some little kids who will give me an excuse to go visit our local hand-carved carousel. Of the ones you posted, Bucky’s my favorite too. He has personality 🙂

  2. Bucky is cool, but Woodlands Crusader is my favorite. I do love Medieval things. 🙂
    Yes, carousels are awesome! You do not need an excuse, no matter how old you are. People who think you are weird are weird. Of course, I’m not saying you aren’t weird… being a writer pretty much puts you in that category right away. You’re just not weird to want to ride carousels. 😉
    I rode on a handmade wooden one that is super old in Holland, Michigan, and there is also a really neat one at Davis Mercantile in Shipshewana, Indiana. I can’t remember where it was, but I do remember riding on the top story of a two-story carousel which was really neat. So yeah, I really like carousels.

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