Kansas City Library & Shakespeare

Let us all rejoice, for my brother’s walkie talkie charge cord is a reasonable substitute for my camera cord.

A picture post, guys! πŸ˜€

Soooo… this was actually where we went for Fathers’ Day. The Kansas City Central Library and their display of Shakespeare’s First Folio. And man… talk about a big, grand, multiple-floor library. O.O

Anyway, enjoy the pics!


This was seriously the outside of the parking garage. Giant books. :O



The shelves by the entry. ❀



Peter had to pick Shakespeare’s nose, of course.



James running down one of the upper halls.



There was an open book on the table and I thought that looked cool.



Behold, Shakespeare’s first folio. *grand gestures*



Juliet dress.



That embroidery though…. ❀

The rule to not touch was contested by everyone though the whole tour.



Cool little banner thing. πŸ™‚



A fairy from Midsummer Night’s Dream. ❀


Hope you enjoyed!

Ever been to the Kansas City Library? Which picture was your favorite?

Please comment!


22 thoughts on “Kansas City Library & Shakespeare

    I think my favorite picture is probably the shelves by the entrance; the architecture is so awesome! πŸ˜€

        1. Will do! πŸ™‚
          YAY! Definitely do! πŸ˜€ We need to talk more about what would be a good Oliver cosplay… (though if it’s gonna be all those coats, we need to get together in the winter sometime… XD )

          1. No, it’s not all coats. πŸ˜‰ He probably wears button down shirts with jeans or something X-D I’m trying to talk our Grace into letting me design her a gown like Grace’s from the movie… I don’t recall, have you seen the movie??? (If you really want to–*coughcough* there’s Paul McGann being adorable in it, even if the plot is weird–it’s up on Dailymotion.)

          2. Ah, good. I like button downs and have a nice army green one that would probably work well.
            I think I found that and watched the first scene with Seven to get a better idea of who I was playing. (I may or may not have stalked a bunch of Seventh Doctor clips and randomly quoted them to myself…)

          3. OH BOY! I think we might have the same shirt. I bought mine at Target X-D
            What if the Doctor and Oliver turned up some place casually dressed and the Doctor was dressed up like Oliver and wearing one of his spare jackets only it’s way too long and a bit too big around the chest because Eight is a midget? πŸ˜€ And Oliver probably thinks it’s hilarious.
            Seven is supposed to be the scheming dark one. No one pays any attention to the stereotype X-D

          4. Yep, same! πŸ˜€ It’s one of my favorites. πŸ™‚
            XD I could definitely see that happening. “Doctor, what are you dressed as?” “You, of course!” *snort*

          5. hahhahahhahahahaha *rolls on floor laughing* THAT WOULD HAPPEN X-D What if the Doctor tried dressing up as Grace, though X-D Because of course he doesn’t get human standards of he’s supposed to wear. Oh. The Doctor is doing laundry and tries on one of Grace’s wrap dresses that she wears because it’s comfy and Grace is just like “WHAT THE HECK!?” and the Doctor is like “this is nice” and Oliver just groans.
            What if Oliver tried on the Doctor’s costume? Apart from it being a little too short and possibly too tight (Eight’s not just short, he’s also skinny, and if he’s fixed the fit problems that he obviously would’ve had because the person who was going to wear the costume was visibly not nearly as slight… Well, Oliver is more of an average build. Kind of similar to the problem that Nine would have if he tried to wear Ten’s outfit, except Ten and Nine are about the same height :-P)

          6. y’know, Oliver should have like a cowboy hat or just some hat that he’s quietly fond of and wears outside and hides when he’s not wearing it. And then one day the Doctor finds it…. XDXD

          7. Oooohhhh perfect how about a fedora?! It probably slides right down over the Doctor’s nose but he refuses to take it off and walks around with it ALL DAY and when Oliver tries to reclaim it the Doctor’s just like “nope you took it off. You snooze, you lose.” X-P

          8. YUUSSSS. XD And then they both are just quietly fighting over the hat like a “who can get to it first in the morning” and Oliver hides it.

          9. OMG YES THEY WOULD X-D
            Eight finds a box of kittens and adopts them and converses with them in kitten. Grace asks him a question and he replies with a curious “Mrrroww?” before clearing his throat and actually speaking English. Grace wonders where she went wrong and Oliver just rolls with it. He’s seen enough crazy stuff that this just doesn’t faze him any more.

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