Blank Mastermind, Part 6: All The Good Villain Bits


*falls out of the fridge* *grins sheepishly*

Hi, guys.

I kind of disappeared, didn’t I?

Well, no matter. *shushes the outcry* I’m here now and I have a new part to appease you all.

Also, shoutout to Daniel, John and Squink for helping me out with figuring things out. You guys are awesomesauces. ❤

So we last saw our villain after getting the mild surprise of finding out he plans to blow up a baseball stadium

Previous parts for everyone if you’re new or just want to reread…

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One more thing before you all explode from suspense… I made a collage for Cardboard and a collage for Liza.

cardboardcollage lizacollage

Probably one for Bad News next time, guys.

Without any more ado from me….

The next part. *bows out*


Part 6

All The Good Villain Bits


Quick tally.


I now have a gang, a bomb, a hostage, an evil hideout and a plan to blow up a baseball stadium killing who-knows-how-many people.


And to stay in character as myself, I should be calmly eating ice cream at the moment.


Add “no conscience” to the tally.


“Also the magnet on the back was a good addition, Wolfy,” Liza’s voice brought me back to the uncomfortable present. “I installed that yesterday.”


I cleared my throat around the ice cream I’m having trouble swallowing. “Great. Yeah.”


“Hey, Liz,” Roy pulled a ping pong ball out of his pocket and started tossing it to himself, “You might want to take a look at Knight over there.” He tipped his head over to the curtained corner, “I mean, normally I wouldn’t mind, but much more blood loss and he won’t be mobile at all and it’s always a pain to lug hostages around.”


Liza squinted for a second, “True.” She stood, “All my stuff is over there already. I’ll patch him up real quick.”


“I’ll . . . um . . .” I stuttered as I stood up, “I’ll go with you. Just . . . in case you need help. Or intimidation . . . or something.” The voice of pure evil, I’m sure. They all cower in fear of me.


“If you want to.” Liza shrugged, walking briskly towards the red curtains. I followed, glancing behind me. I caught a thumbs-up from Bad News and a confused frown from Chris. Not much I could do in reply to both of them at once, so I just turned back and took a couple of longer steps to catch back up with Liza.


She looked over at me and smirked, “I’m sure Lucius has been keeping a good eye on Knight for us.”


Lucius? I had more gang members? Probably a hooded executioner or something lovely like that.



I nodded and forced a chuckle back, “Just as long as he understood we were keeping the prisoner alive . . .”


Liza laughed, “There is that.” She pushed back the curtain, letting out a dim, yellow light from inside. “He’d prolly eat Knight’s gizzard or something if Roy wasn’t clear with him.” Her tone was as matter-of-fact as you can get.


Holy smoke, did I run a tribe of cannibals? I turned my head aside for a couple of seconds while I got my gag reflex under control. Throwing up would be a bit hard to explain, if gizzard-eating was so commonplace here.


“Coming or what, Wolfy?”


I swallowed hard and put a hand on my stomach, “Yep.” I pushed through the curtain behind Liza, her turquoise hair swishing onto me as we came out in the little room.


Dallas lay sideways on a little floor cot, his face pale, his brown hair even messier and his green shirt more bloodstained. But it didn’t look like anyone had been trying to eat his gizzard.


I let myself relax a little and looked around the corner a bit more. Nothing hugely unusual at first glance, but my eyes rested on the lamp against the wall. Three huge claw marks were torn through the cloth and fabric scraps dangled from the edges.


I frowned and opened my mouth to say something, but an inhuman screech interrupted. A lightning fast shadow and the flash of something sharp descended towards me. I barely had time to take a step back before something dug into my shoulder and pushed with an unexpected weight.


A yell came from my mouth involuntarily and I jumped backwards, trying to get whatever it was off of me. Then I looked, which I probably should have done first.


A dark brown, almost black falcon was perched on my shoulder. Its head tilted to one side and its wide eyes blinked at me like it was asking what it had done wrong. Besides give me a heart attack, of course.


“You rascal,” Liza pinched the end of the big bird’s beak, scrunching her nose, “Always scaring the heck out of everyone, aren’t you, Lucius? Even got Wolfy that time.”




The gizzard-eating conversation was only slightly less disturbing now.


“You should really train him out of doing that to everyone,” Liza advised, letting go of the bird’s beak. “He’ll claw someone’s face off one of these days.”


I tried to stop my hand from shaking as much as I petted down the feathers on the side of the Lucius’s head. It closed its eyes contentedly and rubbed against my hand.


Man, I didn’t leave out any of the good villain bits, did I? I just couldn’t hold my head high if I didn’t have a creepy pet.


“So, you shot a hole in him or what?”


I looked down to see Liza kneeling next to the cot and rolling Dallas over roughly. Dallas’s face scrunched and he gave a barely audible moan.


“Um . . . yeah.” I nodded and dropped my hands by my sides. It was a little awkward to balance with a falcon on my shoulder. Did I usually just walk around like this? Or did I keep Lucius in his cage and bring him out for especially sinister occasions?


Liza rolled Dallas’s shirt up, pushing aside News’s ace bandage. “Well, looks like it went clean through, so I won’t have to go rooting around to pull it out.”


She dabbed away the blood with a cloth and leaned over to grab a bottle that looked suspiciously like whiskey. “I’ll just disinfect it and wrap it up really quick. Get some water down his skinny throat and he should be okay for tomorrow.”


Liza gave a quick twist on the bottle cork and popped it out. After a quick swig, she doused a generous amount onto Dallas’s middle.


That woke him up.


Dallas let out a yell and curled in on himself to hold his stomach. He opened one of his eyes to squint up at Liza.


She seemed unimpressed, “C’mon. Straighten back up so I can get you patched.”


Dallas looked over at me and relaxed a tiny bit. Holding his breath, he pulled his arms away and lay flat and tense on the cot.


Nice to know I was somewhat of a reassuring sight.


Liza grabbed some white cloth and a fresh bandage and, with a few quick wraps and safety pins, Dallas had a bandage around his middle that looked like it might actually help his health.


Dallas opened his scrunched-shut eyes and peered down then looked back up at his turquoise-haired nurse. “Thank you.” His voice was dry and cracked.


“It’s just so we don’t have to drag you like a sack of potatoes tomorrow,” Liza informed him. She grabbed a bottle of water off the nightstand and shoved it at him, “Drink up, boy wonder.”


Dallas closed his hand around the bottle and looked over at me, “Tomorrow?”


I cleared my throat and put my hands on my hips, which was a little awkward for Lucius to keep his balance. “We’re blowing up a baseball stadium.”


“Okay.” Dallas put his head down to unscrew his water bottle before I could catch his expression.


“Justice, Knight. You know a little about that, don’t you?” Her voice was even, but I caught a quiver of anger underneath.


Dallas didn’t look at her, “I know the wrong and right ways to get it.”


“I’m sure you do.”


I felt like there was some subtext I was supposed to be picking up here. So butting in and pretending that I did seemed like a good idea.


“Well, too bad we didn’t run my plan past him, then.” I kept my voice a tone that was hard to distinguish between sarcastic and serious.


Liza rocked back on her heels, “Too late now. It’s about time Salt Lake City’s superhero gets a taste of his own medicine.”


All the good villain bits. I can’t just fight a normal guy, I have to get a superhero.


Hope you enjoyed!

What do you think of the superhero? And a falcon, too? O_o What could come next?

We’ll see next time…

Please comment!


84 thoughts on “Blank Mastermind, Part 6: All The Good Villain Bits

  1. O_O what were you doing in the fridge, CC?!?! It’s gotta be cold in there…
    Amazingness!!! 😀 and Dallas. *steals him from torturous author* :p

    1. Eh, just chillin’. XD *runs off the stage as I’m pummeled with tomatoes*
      NOOO *steals Dallas back from obsessive fan* 😛 I am so glad I got to use him again. ❤

      1. Ba dum tsss. XD
        No no no *steals him back from author stealing from stealer* I may have just confused myself… XP I’m glad he’s back. 🙂

  2. DALLASDALLASDALLASSSSS!!!!! *all of the hearts*
    I love the falcon. And the superhero was a nice twist. Especially as I imagine Dallas is pretty attached to him, so he’s stuck between his former loathing for Wolf… y 😛 and the current state of things and his admiration for his boss, which only means more feeeeeeellllllllssss… 😉
    Yes. I’m slightly crazy about this story. Had you noticed?
    I think it would be cool if Dallas tried to escape and Wolfy *shudder* went after him, and they weren’t going to make it back in time to do anything about the bomb… lots of possibilities there.

  3. Aaaaaand… I want a collage for Dallas. *bats eyelashes* Pretty please???
    Okay. Never mind. I DEMAND a collage for Dallas on my right as a fan. Fans have rights, don’t they?

    Oh and by the way, is Dallas an INFJ?

    1. Ah, yes of course. How could I forget the dear boy? *pats his head*
      Main problem is that I don’t have an OFFICIAL picture for him, so I’ve been holding off on that one. Though I have a sketchy-thing and could make that work. 😉
      He’s an ISTJ, actually. The superhero may or may not be an INFJ, though…

  4. Oh gravy. I LOVE THIS. Those collages are really nice. 😀 I’m getting more intrigued by the second. I will say that I guessed that Lucius wasn’t a person–I thought it was a dog, though, so you shocked me there. 😉 Awesome job! Can’t wait for the next part! 😀

    1. I thought it was a cat! 😛 Of course, with a name like Lucifer, I can probably thank Cinderella for that… and the claw marks I *thought* confirmed my suspicion… but I like the falcon much better. 😀

  5. OOOOOH MYYYYYY GOOOOOODNESS! Aaaaah! *sweeps Wolfy, Dallas, and Cardboard into a big hug because I can’t stand not hugging my favorite characters anymore* *steals Dallas from all of you so I can keep him safe in the woods by my house away from killer birds and English turquoise-haired nurses.* You HAVE to do a collage for Dallas.

    “I just couldn’t hold my head high if I didn’t have a creepy pet.” – fav line

    So what is a INFJ, ISTJ, and a MBTI?

    1. XDXD Your fangirling makes me quite happy. I shall reward you with a Dallas collage next time. *nod*
      Myers-briggs type indicator. I like using it for characters. Check out to try and figure out what we’re talking about. 😛

  6. Oh boy…
    Right from the moment you said “gizzard” I knew it was going to be a bird of prey of some kind. It’s too uncommon a word and it’s usually applied to birds. 😛
    Hey, this is just a thought, but maybe you could make a collage for Eight, Grace, and Oliver? Of course we can’t release Oliver’s just yet, but… 😉

    1. Ah, yeah. That did kind of give it away. XD Though I have a feeling Liza just likes the word and applies it elsewhere too.
      hehe. *pulls it up on my desktop and grins at my already made collage*

    1. Stole it from wanderlust77’s blog. I think it’s “A Girl’s Voyage” if you check in my followed blogs widget.
      She had a couple of solid gif posts and I basically took everything. XD

      (also I didn’t originally intend for Wolfy to be as common of a nickname as it is. Originally Liza was just going to call him that, but now all the fans are too apparently. XD )

  7. So glad you’re not dead! 😀 *devours story* Thanks so much! This is awesome! I’m still trying to convince a couple of people to read it… you want to know the reason one of them gave for not? “I don’t want to get hooked on something right now, and I would probably get hooked on it.” So he compliments you even in his denial to read your story! 😛 😉
    Poor, poor Dallas! I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HIM!!! I was slightly relieved to hear him talking more like a moral good-guy in this segment… but I’m still worried about his boss… I NEED MORE STORY!!! 😉

      1. *silently glares at you* *doesn’t dare to do more for fear of scaring you away from giving us more story* You have a cruel and powerful weapon, Writefury.

  8. Here a lovely political joke.
    “Is your fridge running? If it is, I’d vote for it.” 😛 😛 😉

    Let me guess Corissa, Zachary or Joel?

    Writefury, I am forever calling him Wolfy. It makes him more… cute in my mind and less like a scary villain with a killer bird. He and Dallas are like my little brothers that I can pat on the heads and huggle them when I want to cry for them. You almost make me cry! (though it doesn’t take much to do that; I have very leaky waterworks)

    1. I actually like the idea of the brother relationship. Because with his superhero-dude, it’s more of a father relationship to Dallas.
      Can I just say I’m immensely enjoying your website names when you comment? XD

  9. *is going to steal that gif for my own blog return*
    But ahhhh this story. I sososo love the sense of humor and the situation and superhero wut and this is so great.

  10. O-O Just when I thought “Nah, she’s not going to make a better chapter.” She did. I’m so glad I have five more parts to read. This… is really good. 🙂

    Also I join the Roy/Liza shipping. ;D Um also, love the falcon and how confused Wolf is by everything. It’s wonderful. XD And of course he has to fight a superhero, with that name, what else can you do?

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