The Way Documentary

So, I may have a few people who are confused about what sort of religion I am.

I post Christian songs and talk about Jesus, but I take blog breaks on the Jewish holidays and wish people “Shabbat shalom”.

Well, I’ve finally found the best possible explanation for everyone.

There’s a documentary!


We watched the download on Friday night and it was AMAZING. Really well put together and presented with some really cool clips and interviews.

And it shows that we’re not alone.

Somewhere down the path, almost everyone thinks they are. But God is just moving so many people towards doing this same thing it’s really incredible to see.

Anyway, even if you think you already know a lot about it or think you’ll never explore this, it’s really worth a watch.

If nothing else, you’ll understand where my family’s coming from. 😛

Well… serious rant for the day over. Here’s the website (please do check it out):

Have you seen the documentary? Think you will?

Please comment!


22 thoughts on “The Way Documentary

  1. I’ve always been curious as to which religion you are (though it really doesn’t matter to me … you’re an awesome blogging buddy! 😉 ), and I’ll have to bookmark the link for later!

  2. To be honest I’ve been wondering for some time whether you were Christian or Jewish or something in between, but thought that you might be offended if I asked… 🙂 So thanks for clearing that up!

      1. Well, in that case, I am curious about one thing. Maybe the doc answers it, but I’ll ask anyway: do you believe that Christians in the traditional sense (Baptists, for example) are still believers even if they don’t follow OT laws?

        1. I think so, personally. The example I used explaining it to my little brother was “If Dad left in the morning and said ‘I’m going to take you to this super fun carnival when I come back. And hey while I’m gone, it would be really nice if you could do these chores for me.’ If you didn’t do the chores, you’d still go to the carnival. But you’d still do the chores because you love your dad, right?”
          But yeah.
          I think a key concept is that through Jesus, we are not only saved, but grafted into the kingdom of Israel. House rules still apply for adopted kids. 😛
          Whoo. Long comment. Hope that helped. XD

          1. Oh, okay, cool. So you don’t say it’s necessary for salvation, but more of an “if you love me you will obey my commands.” Thanks, and of course long comments help. 🙂

  3. That’s everything I’m going through… this walk is lonely but I love God. My concerns are not here of this world but to shine His light. Thank you for posting this. It’s a very powerful message.

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