Playing Pool

Hey, guys!

Well, just a few more pictures for today. The place we’re staying has a pool room and it’s become a bit of a pastime. Everyone fights over who can be the solid balls and we have quite some epic acrobatics from little people boosting up on the table to make shots.

Also, a valuable life lesson.

If you’re going to loose, be hilarious while you’re doing it and everything will be good.


Anyway. Pictures.


Waiting for a turn…



Lining up.



9 year old pool genius. Of course… once you get past the logic of “the harder I slam it into the pocket, the better I am”. 



*cough* Obviously just for decoration. Dad wouldn’t have any fun just playing by himself…



More lining up… 

Obviously a photo taken by myself. No one would have the patience for me to take pictures before shooting. XD



Seriously. He always makes that face every time he shoots and it’s the most awesome flair ever.



Pool is such a colorful game. ❤

Have you played pool? Which picture is your favorite?

Please comment!



(who knew? a pool gif. also it’s sorta 3D with the lines and stuff so that’s cool. anyway yeah, bye now. <3)

15 thoughts on “Playing Pool

  1. That’s so cool that you guys have a pool room where you’re staying!

    Are you kidding me? Of course the second to last one . . . . 😀 That look is priceless.

  2. Fun stuff! His face is priceless. 😀
    Yeah, I’ve played pool. It’s pretty fun. 😉
    That sign though… the term “minor” is a very relative term… X)

  3. I love your little brother! So priceless 😁
    Last fall (about this time, actually) we went to Tennessee and stayed in a cabin with a pool table upstairs. The brothers loved it, but it could get pretty noisy downstairs XD

  4. I love pool – so fun! 🙂 Lol, Levi’s face. ;P I love how long his hair has gotten, finally starting to see those curls! 😀

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