Adam Young Scores

Hey, guys!

So, the promised weekly-fun-stuff is here. Something I’ve been meaning to share for a bit now…  new writing music!

A few of you may have heard of Adam Young. The guy who started Owl City and stuff. So what first inspired him to do music was soundtrack/score things. And so, long story short, he decided to do some himself, making music to historical events and such.

And they’re awesome.

And free.


He comes out with new ones once a month, too, so it’s a renewable supply.

So you can have the free stuff if you join his awesome website right here:

And you really really really should because the music is incredible and really good for writing stuff.

*whispers* do it.


And, because they’re on youtube too and you can see which ones you like before downloading them, I’ll share my favorite ones.<3

This one is probably my favorite. Also the first one I got. It’s got some really awesome acoustic guitar-y stuff and fun beats. It’s supposed to be something about the Confederacy in the Civil War, I think. Also I’ve been listening to this one a ton while writing Blank Mastermind, so it’s sort of become a soundtrack for that in my head.

Favorite songs:

  • Sherman 
  • Georgia Boys (*points* these two are my songs for Wolfgang.)
  • Country Hymn (kind of a Dallas song)
  • Kennesaw Mountain
  • How Sweet the Sound


This is the one I can most honestly say is an utter masterpiece. He did an incredible job capturing the event in music and bringing back various themes. It starts out big and grand and you can totally see “the unsinkable ship”. Then the terror at the iceberg. And by the time you get to “Lifeboats”… really. How can a song without words be such a tearjerker? (also he wove “Nearer My God To Thee” into the theme, which was a really cool touch there)

Favorite songs:

  • Southhampton
  • Lifeboats
  • Maiden Voyage
  • Survivors
  • Sinking (purely for the drama of it, really. best tense-scene music ever.)


I don’t know as much about this historical event, but the music is still really fun. A bit more techno that the other ones, but it’s really fun and peppy. Good for writing a lot of things, too. ❤ This one’s probably the one I’m most guilty of “singing along” to. 😛

Favorite songs:

  • Takeoff
  • Wheels Down
  • Nova Scotia
  • The Thunderhead
  • The Fog


So yes. To writers or anyone, definitely go check this awesome music out. 😀

Have you listened to Adam Young’s scores? What are some of your favorite songs for writing?

Please comment!


28 thoughts on “Adam Young Scores

  1. I love both Owl City and Sky Sailing so this makes me excited that he has more music! I haven’t listened to any of his scores yet, but that is soon to change.

  2. Ahhh I still need to listen to these. Adam Young is hosting a contest for fans to make a short film inspired by one or more of the scores, and I’m still trying to decide if I’ll have time and resources (and skills) to enter.

  3. Dude, 2016 was so awesome because of all the albums he released. And to answer your question early writefury, my favourite song is probably Shackleton. Keep up the amazing work! You are doing awesome!!!

    Sincerely, Luke (Or The Doctor) on OdysseyNerds.

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