The Escort, The Good, Bad & Ugly News + Collages

Today, we’ll be having some happy Blank Mastermind things.


Yeah, I know, right?


But, believe it or not, I like writing happy stuff better. 

So this is just sort of everyone’s dose of fluff for the week.

For those of you who don’t know what Blank Mastermind is…. man, you haven’t been on my blog any time in the last six months, have you? Here’s the page. You have a homework assignment. Blank Mastermind

Anyway, even if you haven’t, hopefully you can enjoy these tiny stories. ❤

First up was a daily writing prompt on trick-or-treating I did a while back… so, the Dankworths are dressing up. 😀

The Escort


I love that word.

As long as it applies to me, that is.

Because it’s really was the only way I can go out in full costume and get enough candy from strangers to last a full year without loosing my dignity.

I straighten the collar of my trenchcoat and stick my hands in my pants pockets as I look in the mirror again. I tip my head a bit. Still not entirely sure about the sideburns . . . but it doesn’t hurt to experiment with facial hair every now and then.

I pull my hands back out and run them up through my hair, spiking it upwards a bit more. One time I’m actually glad for the cowlick.

Rocking back and forth on my white converse shoes, I grin at my reflection. I never dress up. Ever. But this is a cosplay. This is different.

Plus, when else would I have an excuse to be the Doctor?

I glance up the stairs, “Ellie? Peter? You guys ready yet?”

“I think so,” comes Eloisa’s voice at the same time Peter’s comes from the living room. “Just need to find my plunger.”

“Okay,” I reply, since that works for both. I pull out my sonic screwdriver and press the button for a second, enjoying its empowering buzzing noise. Eloisa’s footsteps sound on the stairs and I quickly stuff it back in my pocket.

She’s wearing actual mascara and eyeliner and looks like a different person. Her light hair is flat-ironed and a hoodie partially covers up a union jack t-shirt. She stops a couple steps down and taps her sneaker toes together shyly.

I grin at her. “Rose Tyler. Ready to run?”

She laughs a little and continues down the stairs, “I guess so.” Eloisa stops in front of me and shifts into a British accent, “You don’t look bad yourself, Doctor. I like the sideburns.”

“Oh do you now?” I rub over one with my thumb, “I dunno . . . I think it makes my face look too long.”

“Exterminate!” Peter yells, scooting out of the living room in his cardboard Dalek costume and wiggling a plunger and whisk at me. I whip out my sonic screwdriver and buzz it at him. He laughs and makes a zappy noise.

Mom’s voice sing-songs from the kitchen, “All the candy in the galaxy will be gone if you guys don’t get going soon . . .”

“Well, we’ll just hop over to another galaxy, then.” I stuff my screwdriver back in my pocket and grin at Eloisa. “Got the TARDIS?”

“Right here,” she holds up the blue-painted bucket.

I nod and thump Peter’s cardboard hat. “Looks like we’re ready then,” I stride over and pull the door open. Grandly gesturing out the door, I grin at my siblings.


and for those of you unfamiliar with Doctor Who, here’s who Eloisa and Wolfgang were dressing as.




-clears throat- and the next one was on “Bring your sibling to work day”.

Because there’s more to the News family than meets the eye…

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly News

“Anything planned for tomorrow?” Bad News stopped and looked back at me before heading out the door.

Because I’m just mister party organizer . . .

I rubbed a hand over my face. If it weren’t so late, I’d make coffee. “Bring your sibling to work day, News. We need more excitement around here.”

He grinned and touched the brim of his hat before quite literally ducking out into the dark.

One problem with me when I’m tired is that my sarcasm doesn’t quite come through in what I’m saying.


I gave a yawn that almost disconnected my jaw as walked to the bakery area, running a hand over my hair. Probably looked like I’d stuck my finger in an outlet. This was one of the mornings I actually felt like I needed News’s jet-fuel coffee.

I draped myself over the counter and closed my eyes for another few seconds.

“Morning,” came News’s voice, a friendly rumble of thunder.

“Yep.” I lifted my head from my arms, about to ask what was for breakfast, but stopped with my mouth open.

Bad News had multiplied. Only this second one was tiny.

A little News. Holding an ice cream scoop and looking serious in his fedora and sunglasses.

I blinked.

I needed to go back to bed.

Bad News finished cutting a piece of what looked like confetti cake, then glanced over at me. “What?”

I just made a few unintelligible noises and pointed to the little apparition next to him.

News just grinned and patted the top of little fedora below him. “Bring your sibling to work day, right?”

“I . . . I didn’t know you had a brother.” Just when you think you know a guy . . .

“Yup,” he nodded. “This is Goodwin. He’s nine.”

“Hey.” Goodwin waved.

I waved back. Goodwin News . . . so that would make his nickname be . . .

Goodwin pushed his hat back and gave his tie a tug, eerily reminiscent of his older brother. “Most everyone calls me just Good News.”

I coughed. “Of course.”

Good News and Bad News. Brothers. I wondered if their parents really took naming their kids seriously.

Bad News took the scoop from Goodwin and flipped a curl of ice cream on top of a cake piece. “That can be yours. Hey . . .” He looked over at me and pushed his sunglasses up, “I didn’t know if you would be okay with it, so I left him in the car, but Good brought his dog, Ugly.”

That did it. I was dreaming.

I stood. “Save me some cake for later. I’m going back to bed.”

Maybe we’ll have to have some News family cameos sometime…

And now for the collages.

Happy Wolfgang


Roy Tucker (there you go, Rubix. :P)


And Eloisa Dankworth 


Hope you guys enjoyed! 🙂

Join us next time on Blank Mastermind fluff to get another collage, meet Wolfgang’s mom-friend in action and get backstory on the leather jacket….

Here on writefury! -jazz hands-


Which collage and story was your favorite?

Please comment!


54 thoughts on “The Escort, The Good, Bad & Ugly News + Collages

  1. ROY ROY ROY ROY ROY ALSJKDFSLKDJFKLSJK You literally just made my day. *claps hands* *hugs Roy* *Grins widely and dances*

    Okay, I loved both the stories so much but I must say, Good News was the best ;D That was my favorite. Happy!Wolfgang collage was amazing, but let’s be honest here, Roy’s was the best. (Roy may or may not be my favorite. Sh.)

  2. I can’t choose between the stories, honestly. But I loved the Eloisa collage! Eloise is one of my favorite characters and I’m really sad she’s gone now…

  3. Oh my gosh…:D I knew who Wolfy was dressing up as at “trenchcoat”, and Peter at “Plunger” 😀 That made my day.
    and Good News…this is the best!!! And the collages are amazing! I love Roy’s and Eloisa’s (more than a little excited to hear she’s an INFP like me)!!

  4. I remember these from ages ago. They’re even more amazing this time through. *dies laughing at the second one and curls up in ball of feels for the first one* the leather jacket one…will definitely be rereading. XD
    *whispers* Which mom-friend one are you doing? 😛

  5. I loved the ‘bring your sibling to work day’ one! That was hilarious! (And I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t.) 😉

  6. OOOOOOOOOOH, I loves this stuff!
    ROY ROY ROY ROY ROY! He was elevated in my character status now. Is he really as young as he looks in that picture? Eighteen? Nineteen? What’s his real age?
    and the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? Oh. My. Word. I nearly died laughing!
    MORE ROY ROY ROY please. And Eloisa
    You just made me wish she was alive even more. stop giving her a personality! Everything bout her collage is just me.

  7. Hey don’t forget to upload this stuff to the Blank Mastermind section of the my books section so I can have all my BM collages of awesomeness in one place.

  8. I like the Roy collage a lot but I think the Wolfgang one’s my favorite. 😀 I love that guy!!! I forgot—is he an ENTP?
    And the Good, Bad, and Ugly story was so cute! Goodwin is ADORABLE!! I hope Wolfy wasn’t dreaming. 😉
    Have we have a Bad News collage yet?

    (she was amazing in “Stranger Things…” wow she’d be perfect 😀
    I thought for a moment it was Summer Glau but nope, Millie Bobby Brown!
    Also I LOVE the Dankworths on halloween ones 😀 Makes me so happy. Now I keep imagining me running into him in my Eighth Doctor costume and we’re just like “nope” and Raya is chasing Peter around yelling “ESTERMINATE!” X-D It would be awesome.

  10. That first story broke my heart because Peter was a dalek for Halloween and now Wolfy carries around a dalek on his keychain *cries*
    But to be happy now.
    Little Good News. He is so cute 😀 Will we see more of him?
    And the collages are amazing. I love the quotes on Wolf’s. XD

  11. I’m having waaaaayyy too much fun reading all these short stories on your blog……
    Goodwin News<3
    but seriously, don't break my heart with unemotionally scarred Wolfy. He's too happy.

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