Hanukkah Songs & Hats

You all knew it was coming.

’tis the season for me to dump Hanukkah songs.

So, my two current favorites.

One by Kippalive. Which is both really pretty and really clever because… seriously, that menorah setup is just awesome.

And, StandFour, Maccabeats thingy. (Which is like a parody of that song Some Nights and it’s really cool.

Aaaand, while we’re doing Hanukkah stuff.

I put Hanukkah hats on a couple of characters.


Shh… yes, Hanukkah hats exist. Just go with it.

We have Mike Anderson. Totally rocking the menorah hat.

Bow, peasants.

And Wolfgang. Looking slightly traumatized.

Help me. Please.

And, that’s all the stuffs I have for you today.

Have a good Hanukkah, guys. ❀



17 thoughts on “Hanukkah Songs & Hats

    Oh my word. OK I love that song ‘Eight Nights’…. We were cooking latkes and suddenly that song came on the playlist and we all started rockin’ out. ;D Pretty cool!
    And the hats….. what in the world. xD

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