Blank Mastermind, Part 30: Family

And so, after all our adventures that began in June with a weird little short story start, it comes to an end.

Not a whole ton of lead up here. Evil was vanquished. Things blew up. Wolfgang Dankworth redeemed himself. And now it’s time for our fluffy happy ending.

For those of you who are new… what a wonderful time to show up. The whole story is finished now.

Read and enjoy a tale of villains and the struggles of amnesia.

Or if you’re just being nostalgic and want to read through it all again… you can do that too.

Anyway, all the parts are below.

All of them. -minor freak-out-

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Part 30



August, 2022


“I’ve got a feeling about this next one,” I could hear the hope in Liza’s voice even through the tiny little phone speaker. “Our main problem was with the nerve sensors and the blockage on those with the way the arm would attach, but we’ve got it so it’s more of a strap that goes around. Plus, I identified the bug in the sensor. Working it out right now, actually . . . I think within the month . . .”


“You’ll be armed and ready?” I shifted my hand on the steering wheel of my car and grinned. The warm wind whipped around my face and through my hair as I turned down a bend in the road.


Liza’s snicker came over the line. “Ohh . . . that was bad, Wolfy . . .”


“What?” I pretended to sound insulted, “True, isn’t it?”


“Well, one would hope,” she responded. “Even with me, there’s only so long I can stay cooped up inside tinkering with things. I’m turning into a bloody mole down here.”


I nodded slowly, straightening out the wheel again and putting gentle pressure on the gas pedal. “Sunlight, then.”



“Well, there’s plenty of it out here,” I assured her, looking at the pinkish sky above me. “Clear up your busy tinkering schedule and we can go hiking next weekend. Get you out in the fresh air and out of the danger of turning into a mole.”


She laughed a little, “Sounds good. I’ll try not to talk your ear off with all the technical everything and actually make some human conversation.”


“I’m used to it by now. Intellectually stimulating, let’s say.” I squinted at the hood of a car poking out further down the road. “Hey, I’m gonna have to let you go. Cop coming up and I need both hands on the wheel.”


“Wolfgang Dankworth,” Liza put on a dramatic newscaster voice, “caught talking on his cell phone while driving. Oh, will his evil deeds never cease from mankind?”


“Oh, shut up,” I laughed. “Talk to you later.”




I hit the “end call” button and dropped my phone into the glove compartment just as I passed by the cop. My Mustang and I merited barely a glance.


I let out my breath and leaned back in my seat, running hand over my hair. A familiar, gnarled tree passed on the right, checking off another in the list of landmarks before I got to the house.


The yellow gift bag sat in the passenger seat, trembling a little in the wind, but staying in place with the weight of the things inside. I grinned and turned my eyes back to the road. The kids’ll love them.


My stomach growled, almost like it was trying to remind me that spending my precious little money on Legos not making it very happy. But I ignored it. I liked ramen and grilled cheese. And I was about to get a full weekend of good food anyway.


A tiny, buzzing noise came from the glove compartment and I glanced down.


“Fernsby residence”


What could they be calling about? Maybe they needed me to pick something up . . . or maybe this was a certain junior member getting impatient . . .


I checked for cops, pulled the phone up and hit a button. “Hello?”


“Where are yoouuu?” Leif’s voice groaned.


Yep. Impatient check-in with the tardy big brother.


“I’m coooomiiing,” I groaned back.


“You’re taking foreverrrr . . .”


“Well, I’m almost theeeerrre. Chill ooouut.”


I caught a bit of a giggle from Leif and grinned. I slowed up and steered the car around another corner. “I’m close, bud. Had a bit of a . . . thing at work that took a bit longer to clean up than I thought, so I had a late start. Give me . . .” I looked at the clock on my radio, “ . . .four minutes. At the most.”




There were a few voices behind Leif’s and a bit of scuffling.


“Is that Uncle Wolfy? Can I talk to ‘im?” came an excited squeak of a voice. Jilly’s, I guessed. Or Beckett being way too excited.


Then Angela’s distant voice. “What are you . . .? Leif, I told you . . .” she heaved a gusty sigh, there was a “hey!” from Leif and Angela’s voice came through clearer.


“Hi. Sorry about that. I told him to wait patiently. But . . .” Another sigh. You had to admire how much she out up with. I mean, I like kids, but watching three under the age of ten for more than a couple of days would drive me insane.


I just laughed. “Runs in the family.” The Fernsby’s road came up on my left and I spun the wheel to pull onto it. “Listen, I’m really close. See you guys in a sec, okay?”


“Alright, bye.”


The phone was re-stationed in the glove compartment and I kept my attention on driving. Mailboxes and beginnings of other driveways slid past as I drove. Grey mountains stood off in the distance and trees were thick in between the houses, making it look less populated than it actually was.


A few more winding turns down the road and I saw the driveway I was looking for. A sign was stuck in the dirt and pine needles that read “Fernsbys”, carved ornately into the wood. Then a smaller one right next to it, made out of sun-bleached cardboard and a garden stake.


“+ 1 Dankwurth”


He really took to that name, I tell you. Even if he couldn’t spell it.


I grinned and turned onto the gravel drive. My car wheels crunched on the rocks as I puttered up towards the house. One last bend and I was there.


The log cabin-looking house glowed yellow from its windows in the purple-y partial darkness. The front door was swung partly open and I heard sounds of laughter and clanking dishes seeping out.


As always, I felt my muscles relax as I put my car into park next to the Fernsbys’ green minivan. It didn’t matter what was happening in the rest of the world. Here was always a place that felt . . . well, I don’t want to say peaceful. They certainly had their moments. But . . . just secure and welcoming. Like home.


I buckled and clicked my door open, swinging my legs out. I stood and tucked my keys in my pocket. A muffled “exterminate!” chirped from my pocket as my Dalek keychain bumped against my hip.


The yellow bag still sat in the passenger seat, so I leaned over and snagged it out. As I turned to go in, two figures appeared at the door. The small one with the hair as insane as my own shot out like a bullet towards me.




I barely had time to brace myself before Leif came barreling into my middle, nearly knocking the wind out of me. He wrapped his arms around, holding onto the slick leather of my jacket.


I coughed, regaining my balance a bit better, and ruffled his hair. “G-good to see you too, buddy.”


He tipped his head up to grin at me before swinging around to my side and half pushing me towards the door. “C’mon! Dinner’s all ready.”


The other figure still stood on the porch, his hands in his pockets and a partial smile across his mouth. I waved with my hand that wasn’t on Leif’s shoulder.


“Hey, Dall.”


Dallas waved back, staying at his post.


Leif poked me in the ribs, “Hey . . . Mom said you had a surprise for dessert. What is it?”


“Well,” I started up the steps to the door. “It’s something surprising, I can tell you that. And we’re having it for dessert . . .”


“Woooolf . . .” Leif flopped against me, half groaning, half laughing.  


I ignored his protests and stopped by Dallas before going in. We shook hands and I grinned at him. “Nice to see you here.”


He shrugged. “Just helping out a bit with a few things around here that needed to be done.” We started inside and Dallas nodded to me, “You okay? After that . . . thing . . . earlier? There’s a bit of a . . .” he motioned next to his face, squinting at me, “There’s a cut on your cheek.”


I reddened a little, “You get all my work history, don’t you?”


“Well, when your employer is my dad, it’s kind of hard not to,” he tried to hide a smile. “There’s always a learning curve. And on the bright side, you know what not to do with water heaters now.”


“Got that right,” I lowered my voice, “and let’s not . . . bring that up, shall we?”


The warm, savory smell inside the house hit me full in the face as we walked in and I breathed it in deeply.


“Uncle Wolfy’s here!” Beckett yelled out, bounding down the stairs. A few seconds later, he and Jilly had joined Leif in crowding around me. Jilly hung on my pants leg and I had to grip my belt to keep her from pulling them down.


Beckett pulled on my sleeve. “What’s the surprise dessert?”


“Oh, so it’s the surprise dessert you’re excited about, not me?” I pretended to look hurt.


“Kids, say hello nicely,” prompted Angela, stepping into the entryway. A small smile played across her lips as she glanced up at me.


“Hi, Uncle Wolfy,” Beckett said, clasping his hands behind his back like a proper English gentleman for about ten seconds.


“Hello nicely,” piped Leif.


Jilly was less inclined to follow her mom’s orders. She tugged on my coat sleeve. “What’s in the bag?”


I held the yellow bag just out of her reach. “Stuff. You’ll see soon enough, peanut.” I shook my head at the groans and “whyyy”s that followed and looked up at Angela. “So, what’s for dinner?”


“Tater tot casserole,” she replied. “And it’s nice to see you, Wolfgang.” The second bit was added louder, as an obvious example to her kids.


“Nice to see you too, Angela,” I responded with an exaggerated nod.


A hand slapped down on my shoulder and I turned to see Charles grinning at me. He nodded, “Good thing you showed up. The kids would have gone and eaten me if I’d told them to wait any longer.”


I shook his offered hand and glanced over at Angela, “On that note, let’s go eat.”


Jilly and Beckett went running off into the dining room ahead of the rest of us. I followed at a less breakneck pace with the others, despite Leif’s pulling on my arm to try and get me to go faster.


Charles tipped his head and frowned a little, seeing the cut on my cheek. “What happened to your face?”


I knew exactly what he was talking about, but dodged the topic in favor of not activating Angela’s mother-hen mode. “Dashing good looks happened to my face.” I gave him my most cheesy, winning grin.


Dallas coughed and I elbowed him.


Charles raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything.


We all took our seats around the table and I stashed my yellow bag under my seat. Jilly had won the rock-paper-scissors tournament and got the other seat next to me besides the one that Leif always got.


Angela brought the food to the table and set it in the middle before sitting down next to Charles.


“Let’s say grace,” Charles looked around the table at everyone, then bowed his head.


Two small hands, one from either side, grabbed hold of mine. Jilly’s was soft and smooth against my rough skin. Leif’s was sticky . . . as always. I held onto each of them, my hands enveloping theirs. I bowed my head slightly, but didn’t close my eyes. Leif peeked at me and puckered his mouth in a frown.


“Dear Lord, thank you for the wonderful meal and the wonderful woman who made it. Thank you for the great day and that Wolfgang made it here safely. Help us to have a good and restful weekend and honor you with it. Amen.” Charles opened his eyes and brought his head up.


“Wolf didn’t close his eyes,” accused Leif.


I raised an eyebrow at him. “And how would you know that?”


“Well I just peeked to see for a little bit . . .” he trailed off as Angela laughed.


Dinner went as dinners usually did at the Fernsby house.


Someone always spilled something within the first five minutes. It was Dallas that time, surprisingly. Though he probably set the record for the most remorse and fastest cleanup.


Leif had his usual bargaining session about how many veggies he had to eat. Jilly paused the meal to sing us a song. Beckett ate enough for two kids his size.


Overall, it was very loud and very happy. And very different from my usual dinners.


When everyone was done eating and all the dishes were more or less cleared off the table, I pulled out the mysterious yellow bag. The three kids immediately lapsed into respectful silence.


I waved the bag back and forth in front of me dramatically for a few seconds before setting it down and reaching in. “Aaand . . . catch, guys.” I pulled out three little Lego sets and tossed one to each kid in order.


Jilly got a little girl set with a singer on a stage, Beckett got a fireman and Leif got one with a Dalek and the tenth Doctor.


Gasps and squeals erupted from the three of them and I grinned. Leif busted into his right there, of course, and in under a minute, he had the Doctor assembled. He set him in front of me.


“Get out your Dalek and we can fight,” he poked me, adjusting the Doctor’s position.


I pulled out my keys and set my dinged-up old keychain next to his new Lego figure. “There.” I bumped it into his Doctor, who fell over with a tiny clatter. “I win. Now . . .” I sat up straighter, “That wasn’t all. We still have our surprise dessert . . . if you guys are interested, of course . . . we could just stay here . . .”


“No, no! Tell us!” Beckett bounced in his seat.


“Weeellll . . .”


Charles started up a drumroll with his fingers on the table, grinning at me.


I cleared my throat dramatically. “We’re driving back into town . . . and then we’re going to Lucky Scoop.”


“Ice cream!” peeped Jilly, hugging me. “Thank you!”


Leif pushed his chair back, scooping up his Legos, “I get to ride with you, okay?”




The cowbell above the door clattered as I pushed inside the vanilla-smelling interior of Lucky Scoop with Leif at my heels. My shoes squeaked on the black and white tile. I walked up towards the red barstools at the counter, giving a smile and wave to the familiar figure behind the counter. He waved back with a crooked grin, still holding his ice cream scoop.


“Hey howdy hey.”


“Hey howdy hey yourself, News.” I took a seat at one of the stools and propped an arm on the counter.


Bad News tugged on his apron strings and nodded at Leif, then looked back at me. “Come for dinner?”


Leif stared at me, looking like he’d just gotten a glimpse into paradise. “You come here for dinner?”


I coughed, “Occasionally . . . very occasionally. And no, News, I didn’t. Dessert for the Fernsby and Dankworth clan, actually.”


“Gotcha. Pretty quiet in here tonight. You guys’ve got the place to yourselves.” News grinned, pushing his hat back. He craned his head back a little, looking into an open “employees only” door. “Roy! Cardboard! We got company!”


The cowbell above the door clanged again and the four Fernsbys walked in.


I turned with a wave, “C’mon up, guys. Tell Mr. News what you want.”


News gave a nod as Jilly and Beckett scrambled up onto the red stools. “So, this’ll be on your tab, I’m guessing.”


I nodded back, patting my leather jacket pocket with the bullet hole in it and feeling my wallet. “Yep. I got it covered.”


Footsteps came forward from the back and I heard Roy’s voice. “Hey, man!” He strode out with Cardboard close behind, a grin splitting his face. “How’s it going?” He leaned over the counter to me and I high-fived his outstretched hand. I noted with amusement the aprons they both wore. News had obviously cracked down a bit more on the cleanliness factor in here.


“Well, pretty good.” I grinned back, “Job’s nice to have and all.”


Cardboard’s curly head poked over the edge of the counter so I saw only half of her face and the tips of her fingers. “Did you teach Lucius to loop-the-loop yet?”


“Still working on that one, peanut. I’ll be sure to show you as soon as he gets it, though.”


Her brown eyes flicked over to Jilly and crinkled in a smile. “Hey, Jilly.”


“Hi,” Jilly said shyly around the piece of her hair she was nibbling on the end of. She kicked her feet. “Can I have your special?”


“Mm hmm,” Cardboard nodded. “I’ll go back and make one.” She bounced off.


“I want chocolate, please,” Beckett told News, wiggling in his seat and craning his neck to meet the giant’s eyes.


Leif got a Bad News Sundae, which was basically all the flavors there were scooped together with root beer and sprinkles on top. I’m still pretty sure Leif is the only one that eats it aside from Bad News himself.


Charles and Angela got some sorbet to share and Dallas had vanilla. I had a coffee shake. I was his only customer on the coffee front anyway. No one else could stomach the stuff, even if it was mixed with ice cream.


As soon as everyone got their things, News brushed out from behind the counter to the front window, flipping over the sign so it showed the “sorry, we’re closed” side.


I frowned, “You don’t need to close up just because . . .”


“Only fifteen minutes early,” News assured me, going back to his station to make himself his own Bad News Sundae. “Besides, we need our dessert too.” He elbowed Roy.


In just a couple of minutes, the last three barstools in the U shape were filled up and we all sat, eating our ice cream. Everyone’s mouths were busy with ice cream and I was able to make out the faint strains of “I’m just a Bill” over the speakers.


I leaned on the counter and turned to get a better view of News, “Haven’t had any customer complaints about the Schoolhouse Rock yet?”


He shook his head, “Nope. It’s educational. They can learn something while they’re here.”


Dallas furrowed his brow skeptically. “Most people already know this stuff . . .”


“I like it,” Leif defended around another bite of his sundae.


I shook my head, taking a drink of my shake. “To each his own.”


I leaned back again, running a hand through my hair. My fingers hit the thick scar on the base of my scull and I rubbed at it thoughtfully. It barely hurt anymore. What I would have done without that, though . . . what my life could have been like right about now if it hadn’t been for that ugly gash on the back of my head . . .


Leif put his head against my arm, smashing his cowlick down halfway. I felt a tiny poke against my side and looked down to see him poking the bullet hole in my pocket with his Lego Doctor. He looked up and beamed at me.


“I’m glad I’m a Dankworth.”


I ruffled his hair. “Me too, buddy.”


Funny how stuff works out like that sometimes. Everyone has their own stories of how they got where they are. Crazy coincidences . . . or divine mistakes, whatever you want to call it.


For me?


Amnesia was the best thing that could have happened.




So ends the saga of Blank Mastermind.

230 pages and over 75,000 words. Longest thing I’ve ever written.

After seven long months, it’s finally over. Jeez, what will I do with my blog now.

So, after some editing and fixing of a few things, Blank Mastermind will certainly be put into book form for you peoples. (I’m kind of thinking of this publisher? Maybe? If nothing else, self publishing again, but hey.)

You haven’t seen the last of Wolfgang and the Blank Mastermind crew by any means. He’s still got some short stories and such that will most likely be shared. I have a few deleted scenes that might make an appearance as well.

-whispers- plus a few small sequel ideas I might be making random notes on maybe writing? so we’ll see…

In closing, all you guys have been amazing. This story has totally been the ride of a lifetime for me and thank you all for hopping on the roller coaster with. You all gave incredible, amazing feedback. You laughed and cried over my silly little project with me and that means a whole lot, so thank you thank you all so much. You’re all amazing and I love you guys. ❤ ❤ ❤

Wolfgang must give his thanks as well.


So yeah. I’ll update the Blank Mastermind page to the best of my ability so you folks will have a good link to share with people if you want to share the story. 🙂

Again, thank you guys so much for reading. You’re amazing.

Here’s to next time and more stories. -raises toast-


118 thoughts on “Blank Mastermind, Part 30: Family

  1. WHAT HAPPENED TO CHRIS??? *wails*
    We’s must knows, preciousss…
    Other than that little cliff-hanger (unless I missed something???) it was quite a nice ending. 🙂

    1. Okay, so clearly /that/ is something that must be edited… -scribbles that down- I was thinking he just went back to being a hunter guy. Kept in contact with Wolfgang and maybe like offered to give the Fernsby kids a few rifle lessons. That fluffy enough? XD

      1. Yeah, I guess. BUT I NEED TO KNOW HOW HE’S DOING EMOTIONALLY AFTER THE MOOSE INCIDENT. That still must have been pretty hard on him…

        1. Probably be expanded on in draft two. Chris was a bit of a trouble character. >.< I mean, he probably just went off to process for a while, then made up with the Fernsbys… Kind of admitting they were right without ever saying it out loud. He'd still be the grumpy old man type… a tad less bitter and all, but yeah. -shrug-
          I'm up for headcanon suggestions, as it's not set in stone. XD

  2. The last part… *sighs happily* But…what do I do now that my favorite serial story is over? Ah well. *stares dreamily into the distance* *snaps back to the present* Thank you so much for the story. I’m looking forward to future developments. And maybe, bit book form, we’ll get to see what happened to Wolfy to give him his amnesia… 😉

    Also…favorite line: “Dashing good looks happened to my face.”

    1. Thank you for reading! ❤ -hugs you- Seriously, I think you brought like half the fanbase here. XD
      Yesss, that's actually first on the list for alterations in draft two. I might have like a 3rd-person-limited opening from the perspective of the guy he was fighting with. And then he'll probably have an actual run in with the police on the way out of the opera… yeah. Lotsa fun. :3
      Wolfgang and his dashing good looks. XD

      1. I can hardly claim half. Just a few friends. Maybe. 🙂

        And that sounds like fun. Looking forward to it. My brothers will love this story whenever it comes out in book form. 😀


    Also I’m sad it’s over but also happy that I got to be here for the ride 🙂

    That was so amazing. I can’t wait for the sequel stories and I dearly hope you get it published 🙂 I wish I could say more, but it really is all summed up in “I loved this so much”.

  4. This is 100% in my top five favorite stories and is probably in the top 20% of that.
    I’m so excited to see what’s next. (No pressure to do anything too soon though, I think you’ve earned some sort of break.)
    But hey, if you do write some short stories about these guys, I really want more details about both Liza and her new arm for several reasons including:
    1. She’s my favorite character because British accent and tech genius
    2. Possible crossover with one of my characters who is practically her male equivalent

  5. Oh gosh, so I’ve only commented a couple of times before. But I just want you to know this story made my day, my New Year’s, my Christmas night, and heck, my election year.

    You have no idea how much I’ve love reading your story over these last few months, gobbling up each installment as eagerly as a new episode of the most addictive TV shows. Tears and laughter can be found within your story, and I hope that you do decide to turn into a novel, and to write more.

    Whether it’s more of this story, or another adventure–I know either will be amazing.

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    *turns red in the face with suppressed emotions*
    *bursts into happy tears*
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
    I CAN’T.
    DALLAS. ❤
    *hugs you breathless* Thanks for the story, Rosey. It was so, so worth it. *thumbs up* Good job. Very well written. A+ for characterization and premise, and the plot was awesome. I predict great things for you. *nods* 😉

    1. Except he was working for Dallas’s dad, who’s not Charles…but I thought that for a sec too. 😛

      What business does Dallas’s dad have, anyway?

      1. Yeah, it’s Dallas’s dad, not Charles. It’s just small home repairs… handyman stuff. Though Wolfgang needs to get out of the habit of rigging things so they blow up… XD

      -hugs you breathless back- Thank you so much for reading, Kate! You've been an incredible addition to the cheer squad and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. ❤


    Just . . . oh my gosh, Rosemary, this is amazing. I love this story so much. It’s got to be one of my favorites. <33

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    I love this thing and I am so sad it’s done. But that was the best ending ever.
    Annnnnd… since Wolfy and Liza are hiking and stuff together… does that mean they’re, um, you know, finally getting together? Like, did he ask her out on a date yet? Like, could that be one of your short stories? Wolfy’s First Date?
    Farewell Blank Mastermind characters. You shall live forever in my heart. *dramatic bow-out mixed with farewell tears*

    1. Thank you thank you. 🙂 -big hug-
      Aaaahh, maybe? The thought crossed my mind… though it definitely didn’t cross Wolfgang’s… we’ll see.
      And they shall hopefully make a return. -characters wave to you-

      1. *giddily and geek-ily and blushing-ly waves back*


    And yes PLEASE I want this in book form. Seriously, I love this story so much and I love the fact that you didn’t even envision it but it just sort of happened and it became this awesome thing and yeah.

    *suddenly wants to make collages*

      Yes yes, so much. :3 Thank you so so much for reading, Victoria! -hugs you super tight- -and yes collages you go right ahead-

      1. I KNOWWWW. D= Thankfully I got some nice stuffs to help me with the withdrawal. ;D
        Aw, my pleasure! *hugs back tighter* okey collages will do *glances at mountain of schoolwork ready to topple over* hehe we’ll see when.

  10. *happy sighs* I love this chapter so much…and this story…and these charries. *hugs them all*

    can’t wait for what’s next!!! ❤

    Dallas and Charles and Leif and—and Bad News and the others, and Liza! It’s so beautiful! I did wonder about Chris, but others already mentioned that so…
    Oh, and *gasp* THE TENTH DOCTOR!! That was awesome! But no one who only reads the serial story will get it cuz it was in an extra! *sniff*
    I absolutely love love love Charles and Dallas’ interaction with Wolf. It is SO trusting and friendly!
    And the “Dashing good looks happened to my face.” That was too great. 😀 😀
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    And Leif and Wolfy’s phone conversation! Awww!!
    The Cardboard and Jilly bit was just adorable. 🙂
    There’s too much I want to say about this one! Too much.
    So I’ll just ask this one thing—I know, it’s minor, but it…really effected me. So, um…why didn’t Wolfy close his eyes? ‘Cause it made it seem…*gulp* Well, that he doesn’t care that much about God, even now; and I was kinda hoping for just a little something were he thought something about God…something good? And that he’d not seem indifferent, when he owes SO MUCH to God? *nervous whisper* Is there anything to do about that?

    But I love this! This is a dear dear story. I’m so happy to hear about short stories and stuff and that I’ll still be seeing them around. 🙂 (Especially Bad News and Dallas and Wolfgang? *jerks up* Hey, wouldn’t it be funny to do some sort of something where Bad News and Dallas have a lot of interaction with each other?? Like, as main characters in some little thing, with Wolfgang and maybe Charles? They didn’t have much personal interaction in the story, and I think that’d be so fun… 😛 )

    And thank you so so much for being such a sweet funny person and writing this awesome story so we can read it, and making an effort to reply to everybodys’ comments! It’s so nice; I love when we can communicate with the author/owner of a blog. *hugs you*

    I apologize PROFUSELY for the wretched length of this comment.
    It had to happen. Last part, so, I guess you can forgive me…?

    1. *flushes all the way to roots of hair*
      Okay, I’m terribly embarrassed, but I think I misconstrued the Doctor Who thing. I had thought it was s’posed to be a reference of sorts to the one who gave Wolf his coat in your Christmas story, but then I wondered and looked back at that story and saw it was the NINTH doctor, not the tenth. And so I was incredibly embarrassed. Did I indeed misconstrue the meaning of that? Oh dear. I was so happy about it. *sniff*

      1. Not necessarily. The thing I had going was that Nine was Wolfgang’s favorite (because leather jackets, snark and other mysterious reasons) and Ten was Leif’s. (because spiky hair and cool swooshy coats)
        So Wolfgang just got Leif his favorite Doctor is all. 😉

    2. You are most certainly forgiven. Just don’t expect me to reply to every aspect of your long comment. XD
      THAT’S WHAT IT WAS MISSING, THANK YOU. Okay, yeah. I definitely need to tie back to the christian element there thank you for pointing that out.

      1. Yeah, no, I wouldn’t expect that. XD
        Sometimes I just wax too crazy and can hardly stop. 🙂
        OH, OKAY! I’m very glad to hear that.
        AND YOU’RE WELCOME SO MUCH AND THIS HAS BEEN SO FUN AND MY PLEASURE TOO. (and I’ve enjoyed using Caps Lock so often. :P)

        And can I just say that the title is one of THE awesomest I’ve known. ‘Blank Mastermind’. Seriously! It’s too great.

        1. You know, this is really late, to be related to the conversation, but when Dankworth didn’t close his eyes, ya, it rubbed the wrong way, but I think it fits his character to not close his eyes, but maybe say is own separate ‘thank you, this was incredible’ prayer. I don’t know, I actually don’t close my eyes when I pray, I get more distracted when I do. Instead, I fix my eyes on one point, (a spot on the wood, a bump on the plate) and I concentrate a million times better.

          1. Huh…you might be right about Wolfgang. But the thing is, he DIDN’T have his own separate prayer. It’d be different if he did, but he didn’t, and it seemed like he just didn’t care. (And do you mean, thank you, this was incredible—just, all tha stuff? Not the food…:P I mean, cuz they hadn’t eaten the food yet… That’s not the point, I know, but my meticulous brain insists I be really clear on even the smallest meanings. 😉 )

          2. Yes, the lack of separate prayer does not justify his open eyes it does give the impression that he had ‘asked forgiveness, turned good,’ and then tucked it into a corner of his brain…

            Incredible refers to the amnesia, Dallas, Charles, and Lief above all. No, not the food, he would be more likely to say thank you for the food, rather than incredible, seriously, he has ice cream for dinner somedays.

            I understand meticulousness in the brain, I reread the entire Space Trilogy just because I didn’t understand some of the last book. (and I usually detest sci-fi, then again, C.S. Lewis called it a fairy tale…)

          3. Yeah, I thought that’s what you meant about the incredible stuff. 😀

            Oh wow that sounds like something I’d do. O.O I might not reread the WHOLE book, but parts yeah. I love when people understand my meticulousness.
            I read the Space Trilogy a few years ago…it was sure confusing. Did you like it (even with your hatred of sci-fi 😛 )? I’m not sure I’d read it again, cuz while I loved some aspects, it was a leeeeeeetle weird. Or say, um, inappropriate?

            Hopefully this comment’ll go where I want it, but I’m not sure…

          4. Well, I reread the entire thing because the trilogy lasted me over three years, and yes, parts of it are inappropriate, but I can see how it is acceptable with… ‘older’ readers, if you take my meaning- adult concepts, I think that would be a good term. I am liking it now that I understand it and am not skimming to avoid the ‘adult concepts’. I understand them now was introduced to them with the correct mindset for a Christian. *facepalm* I really hope you understand this….It could be taken in so many different wrong ways… 😛

          5. Oh I know, I totally get the message (though it was a bit ago, and I’d get more from it now), if that’s what you mean. I just think it might have been too…graphically and ‘adult-ly’ brought across (not to mention the books, especially the last—seriously, C.S. LEWIS?!— had too much swearing :P). I consider myself mature enough to be exposed to ‘adult concepts’ in some degree, but I still thought it was too much. Just because you can handle such things doesn’t mean they’re necessary, if you get my drift.

            Did I take your point wrong? 😛

          6. Well, I liked it. I think since it was directed towards adults, the content makes more sense and is a little more tolerable (a little). The weirdness in Perelandra is altered a LOT when you look at it in view of the Garden of Eden. (@parenthesis, I block out swear words, a habit brought from reading to much Hornblower, which has more, but of the same kind…that probably makes no sense, if it doesn’t, please, just skip it.) Yes, adult concepts to a degree, thats a good thing, and I did ask my pastor all the questions I had (remembered…heheh…) and he answered them very well considering he never read the trilogy. No, just being able to handle doesn’t mean necessary, but I have a thing for world views, I love trying to pinpoint them, explain them, you name it. And thats why I like the ‘adult content’ most, so I can pick it out and think it to shreds, being able to biblically evaluate world views makes me so happy. Plus, in this trilogy, they are presented from a Christian perspective and so it would be more difficult for me to confuse wrong with right.

            Also, my parents brought me up with the idea that first, I need to know what I believe, which is summed up perfectly in the entire Bible, no more, no less, and then second (aka less important, but still very helpful), I need to be able to understand what is being written, the fallacies that I might fall for. I read a TON, and that is probably why they stress this. (that and its part of my literature curriculum- being able to understand an author’s worldview from what they write)
            I am sort of feeling bad for discussing an entirely different author’s works on somebodies else’s blog… I think if we can wrap it up soon, it might be for the best… 🙂 It was nice talking though, nobody around here where I live has read these books in the past fifteen years.

          7. I know, I feel bad about that too and I shall wrap up. Apologies, Rosey. (It’s just, on a place where good writing abounds, literary discussions can’t help being sparked a little! XD )

            I understand/agree with all of what you said (props to you for asking your pastor the questions, btw; though I’ve never done that with this sort of thing it’s a great idea to if you have a good pastor), especially this:
            “Also, my parents brought me up with the idea that first, I need to know what I believe, which is summed up perfectly in the entire Bible, no more, no less, and then second (aka less important, but still very helpful), I need to be able to understand what is being written, the fallacies that I might fall for.”
            YES! 😀 Very very sound advice.

            I dunno…I’m sure I’d do better reading the Space Trilogy now than I did years ago, when I think I was too young yet—I know I’d be able to navigate the stuff better. *shrug*

            It was really nice talking. 🙂
            One more question though, ’bout Hornblower—the miniseries is one of my FAVORITES, and I read the first book and thought hm, the movies are a lot better. Since it seems you’ve read more than just the first book—do you think they’re as good or better or worse than the movies? Just curious…
            Have you read the books, Rosey? What do you think?

          8. Ohh ho don’t get me started on the Hornblower movies vs. the books. I have like enough material to do a series of in-depth articles on the subject. XD
            Short answer though: the movies are much better done.

          9. Yes, it was nice.

            The miniseries? I don’t follow you, for me, there seems to be about…ten to twelve in the series. I could easily be wrong, I only have two and had to borrow the rest (from my pastor who loves them too!!) I still haven’t finished them all (he only had about four). 😦

            I think the movies did very well with the book. They did take characters, Mathews for example, and added to them. Before, Auldroy, Styles, and Mathews to name a few, not to mention Kennedy, were just names. (Kennedy especially showed up ONCE and then it was just the name, really, *considers comment* maybe twice, I forgot) The movie makers actually used them to replace other flat characters and used it as an opportunity to un-flat them. (cause I forgot the word.)

            Also, with the Duchess and the Devil, that was a single chapter in the book that they enlarged, and in my opinion, made MUCH more interesting. I think that although they changed parts and even skipped over others, they did it well, it didn’t drift away from Forester’s themes and for me it was like seeing the story. Another thing is they didn’t change the characters. I’ve read soooo many books and then seen the movie and had to run down stairs and hide in my room to throw a temper tantrum about changed characters. Thorin is one, Kili is an other. I used to really like those brothers (Kili and Fili) now I can’t stand them because I’ve got that- *refrains from calling movies names* *calms temper down* I’ve gone way off topic. I am a stick-to-the-book person, so I like the book as a matter of principle, but aside from that, I like the eighteenth century-ness (those biases we can now pick out, the phrases, you know) and the BOATS! I love the nautical everything… makes the world a better place. 😉 and the general know-how I can get from a book and not a movie.
            I like the movie for reasons mentioned above.

            I really hope that answered your question, I’m posting this about an hour after I typed it. If it didn’t… I dunno.

          10. Oooh wow, I get your drift. 😀 😀 😀 I seriously hope I didn’t take too much of your time for that, but I loved reading it.
            I think it’s considered a miniseries, because it’s not got tons and tons of episodes—I think it’s eight. *gasp* And I’m so sorry you haven’t seen all of them yet! 😛
            Anyhow, yes, I get your drift. I’ve only read the first one, but I know what you mean about the fleshing out of storylines and characters. (Flat characters aren’t fun. 😛 ) I’m glad they did that—I was SO sad about how little Kennedy was in there!!
            I’d have lots of fun replying to your stuff about The Hobbit but I really needa wrap up. 😉
            Oh, but I KNOW! The eighteenth century-ness and the nautical stuff!

            So, that did give me some perspective on books vs. movies. Thanks. 🙂

          11. Oh, I’ve seen all of them, I still have two or three more to read though, and half of the movies come from one book. I don’t care about the time, it was like writing a condensed essay movie v. book for me.

            I would have survived without Kennedy if it weren’t for the movie. And then they killed him off. I refuse to watch that show now. It has been declared evil.

            Okay, for real, it is wrapped up. And I’m glad you didn’t reply to the Hobbit stuff, it would get me all worked up about it again. I had to do push-ups the first I watched it to calm myself down. 😉

          12. Ohhh I think there was a little confusion; sorry, I was talking about the movies when I said miniseries. A TV miniseries it was, I think.
            But not the books. Sorry! 😛 I’ve only read the first book.

            I know,,,till you watch the movies you don’t know what you’re missing. That episode is actually one of my favorites though, just cuz it’s TOO sweet even though sad. *hugs self and cries*
            But yes, I know,

            Push-ups…*chuckles* That serious, eh.

            ‘kay well, bye. 😀

          13. So do I!
            I can’t close my eyes any more, cause no matter how hard I try, my thought train will ALWAYS! wander. So I just stare at my hands and it works!
            I also get a lot of ‘Mommy, Morgan wasn’t closing her eyes’ and then I have to explain, and then I smile and say ‘How did you know I didn’t?’ “Uh…I only peeked a little bit!’

  12. I can’t believe it’s over! I’m pretty new (started in November) but this has become on of my MAJOR addictions. What will I do with my Thursdays now?????
    But I’m so happy everything turned out well and nobody died (well, except Mansley, but no one cares about him) and Dallas and Wolf are friends and Leif and Wolf are buddies and best bros and BAD NEWS HAS AN ICE CREAM SHOP and everything and it was the best ending ever!!!! If it had to end, I’m so pumped it ended like this. It was the best. I am the cheapest person on the planet but I will have a fund set aside to buy blank mastermind as soon as it comes out. I need a solid copy in my life!!!!!
    Three questions: what exactly is Wolf’s job? Who is Dallas’s dad? and are Lisa and Wolf a thing? (because if they are I totally ship them)
    Anyway, want to thank you for writing this awesome, amazing story and inventing all these wonderful characters and sharing them with us. You are the best <3!

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Esther! -hugs you and spins you around-
      M’kay, questions…
      1. Assistant in small home repairs stuff. Pretty much just like a handyman.
      2. Dallas’s dad never actually made a solid appearance, but he’s just, as stated above, a handyman. Dallas used to work for him before becoming a sidekick and he kindasorta still does.
      3. Maaaayyybe. I didn’t intend for it to be a thing, but it happened? I’m not doing anything with it at the moment because Wolfgang is the most clueless person on the planet as far as romance goes, but -shrug- we’ll see.

  13. I’ve reread it about three times now, trying to think of a decent comment that wouldn’t say something along the lines of “I ABSOLUTELY ADORED THE WAY YOU ENDED IT!!!!!’ Because… I am special. But I did adore it, and I had the most difficult time reading it, because I’d read a funny part, move on, and then reread the funny part… Ohhh *blissful sigh* I hate endings. I always ask why it has to end. *stupid question. because then, another one couldn’t begin* If the rest of the book didn’t make me cry, its likely the ending will. I didn’t cry outside, it was that happy cry inside nobody can explain… 😛 You know, the one that would make you hyperventilate because your body can’t handle laughing and crying in the same breath?

    1. Fourth time I read it through… “…like he’d seen a glimpse into paradise. ‘you come here for DINNER??'” I’m trying not to give myself a head ache with laughter.

      YOU HAD TO ADD THAT? ALL OF MY ‘I’M IN CONTROL OF MY EMOTION’ IS GONE. Buuuut… I’m also about to start rolling on the floor laughing… *whispers to self* …glimpse into paradise…

    1. -hugs back super hard and squeals with you- I knowww!!! Wolfgang finally gets some happiness! 😀
      Yesss sequel. ❤ I honestly was getting a little depressed with no more Wolfgang to write, so I have to have something. (and tbh the best possibility at this moment is a sort of crossover thing with Odd Team Out soooo)

        1. Right now, I’m just doing a bunch of random story prompts with him. He’s also trying to get off a deserted island (still), drinking too much rum and giving commentary on my everyday life. -nod-
          A few weeks back and had a conversation with a two year old girl in which his jacket was named Fredrick, so that’s somewhat noteworthy. He was kind of out of it because he’d lost a lot of blood and he’s not proud of it. XD

          1. Wolfgang: BECAUSE I DRANK IT OBVIOUSLY
            For some reason he’s very musical when he’s drunk. Though he’s kind of tone deaf so that’s… not a good thing. XD

          2. Okay, Rosey, PLEASE can you send me some of these short stories? Can you find out my email from my posts? Or could you just post the stories right here? I’M DYING FOR MORE HILARIOUS WOLFY STORIES! And, um, you know it wouldn’t hurt to put Mike in a few more of them, cause, um, HE’S THE BEST. Next to Wolfy and Dallas. He’s in my top three. Sooooo,

  14. *dies*

  15. Having read this from the beginning, I thought I should comment here at the end. I really liked the characters, the premise and the plot. And it was nice meeting Dallas. Especially from Wolfgang’s perspective.

    Ok, what further praise can I give? I don’t really know… Except that I now have an idea for a few birthday presents! I eagerly await the Kindle edition of this!

  16. It’s Thursday… and there won’t be a new part… *wails*
    I’m not sure how I shall survive the day. 😦

    1. So empty, isn’t it. *sadly resigned head shaking*
      But hey! That gives you more time for your college (that’s what you were busy with, right…)!
      *flat stare* But yeah. I know. That’s not the point.

  17. YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Everything is so happy. 😀 *jumps for joy.* I love Bad New’s ice cream shop. 😀 But now it’s over. 😦 *sniffles* But still everything is so awesome. And that dashing good looks line was the best one ever. Thank you so much for writing this. It’s been a lot of fun reading this. 🙂 And now I shall go to other lands and seek new stories. *Vanishes with a dramatic florist of my cape.* 😀

  18. *Reappears* “Um that’s supposed to flourish not florist. The computer
    automatically changed it to florist and I didn’t notice. Heh, heh. Um okay, so now I shall go to other lands and seek new stories. *Vanishes again with a dramatic flourish of my cape.*

  19. I sat with a crazy smile on my face the whole time I was reading this. BUT IT”S OVER!!! I’m so sad now. This totally made my day, and broke it at the same time. I want more!!! At the same time, this was probably one of the best endings I’ve read ever. kudos to you!!! 😀

  20. ‘ey, now that its all over, I have two questions that have been simmering in my brain. And I ask myself them whenever I think of this blog.

    a) How long did all this take? A month? A month and a half? Am I crazy? *to self* Stupid question, that last one is.
    b) IS HE EVER GOING TO WASH HIS HAIR? I’m sorry, being girl with over two feet of hair, this is something I think of and notice. And you have all these descriptions of spikes hair, I can’t help but think its partially spiked with grease and blood. *to self* I feel so girly, complaining about hair. I never care about the amount of dirt or blood on a character anywhere else… *facedesk*

    1. A) It actually took upwards of seven months to write.
      B) I think I mentioned Wolfgang taking a shower/getting cleaned up once or twice? Though yeah, it’s not usually at the top of my priority list to detail. XD

      1. Well, I know how long the story itself took, but I was wanting to know like, from the time that he got amnesia until the moose saved the day. If I read it through though, it will be more clear (probably).
        Ya, it doesn’t have to be a priority. I’m just glad he is probably taller than me so when I talk (argue) with him in my head, I can’t see his hair. 😛

        1. Aaaah, well, the story itself started on the 13th of February… Wolfgang got his memories back on the 20th…Bomb blew on the 25th… Wolfgang woke up on the 28th… and I think the story ended around March 5-6?

  21. Aaaah…that ended so perfectly. I am content. Thanks for a great read!!! I read all the parts in one and a half days it was so enthralling xD

      1. *Hugs back* Thank you sooo much for writing it!!! I look forward to the other short stories and stuff (Additions) to it!!!!

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