CurlyRosePhotography Etsy Shop! (+ photo post)

So, I’ve been doing photography seriously for….. -gets out my math brain-

Wow. Over 5 years now.

When did that happen?

Anyway, after all that time and practice, I have finally taken the big step forward of…. opening an Etsy shop!

CurlyRose Photography

(because… you know… my name is Rose and I have curly hair and it sounds funny together. Plus “writefury” sort of seems to imply… writing. I kept the watermark tho so that’s cool.)

So yeah, all those (hopefully) cool pictures I’ve been putting up here all these years? Now any of them are fair game to get printed on canvas and sent to a new home with any of you. πŸ˜€

It might look like they’re kind of a lot, working in shipping and everything, but I’m actually… not getting a whole ton off of the sales. It takes a lot to print and ship these things so…


I have a fair amount up in the shop at the moment, but I’m very much open to suggestions if there are any that you guys want up in there.

And even if you are just small little beans with no money and just happen by reading my blog, you can go and tell the world. Please, mention me to any Dukes you bump into on the street and tell that Earl you know that there’s this tiny little blogger with pretty photos for sale.

So yeah, if you could go check that out. -finger gun-

Thanks, guys. ❀

May this photo store live long and prosper.


-static crackling-Β 

And we now return to our regularly scheduled photo posts.

So. Lake Springfield.

A place of many ducks and fishermen, right next to the power station. It was very cold, so I didn’t stay out long, but I got some cool shots so here.

Isaiah being cute in his crocodile boots and hoodie.


-sings- Duuucks on the waaater….


Cool little twisty-path.


Walk down to….


This little… floaty viewpoint… thing.


The water’s such a cool color, though. ❀


Chain links.


Bridge with a cool miniature effect thing.


Brothers, going to throw rocks in the water.


So, that’s all we have for today, folks. -waves-

What do you think of the photo shop? Favorite photo prints? Suggestions?

Please comment!


38 thoughts on “CurlyRosePhotography Etsy Shop! (+ photo post)

  1. Love these photos so much ^-^ I’m hoping for tons of success with your etsy shop. As I am a broke lil bean, I shall take to writing the URL on my sandwich board when I leave my lil hermit hole.

  2. So cool for your Etsy shop! I love the name. And I love that ‘Before the Mast’ PICTURE ON THERE! Talk about Hornblower feels, honestly.
    I don’t really…buy pictures…? πŸ˜› But I do wish you the best of luck! I’ll remember you for referral if anyone’s looking for good pictures, tho I sadly don’t know any Dukes or Earls. πŸ˜€
    And on your picture post—I LOVE THE CHAIN LINKS.

    1. Thank you!
      Yesss, I was thinking Hornblower there. XD Because when is it ever a wrong time to stick in a Hornblower reference? (oh and also there’s something in my favorites on Etsy…. seriously, an actual Hornblower coat.)

  3. Those are such great pictures! My sister and I have been thinking about starting an Etsy shop to sell sewing stuff, so you may have given me the motivation to figure it out now… (And little brothers being cute are the best thing to take pictures of.. πŸ˜‰ )

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    you’re prints are so cute I love them…. ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
    I wish I wasn’t currently poor… then I would buy themmmmm alllllllll

  5. The bridge would be the one I’d put up in my house when I’m older (seriously, though, if I get married someday, I want you doing my Wedding Photos) and your little brothers of course, so thoroughly adorable. Also, if you wanted, you could set up your pictures in a gallery. Here in Nebraska, in the Old Market, there’s this place called the Artists Cooperative gallery, and they put up everything from paintings to glass work to photos to sculpture, and prices next to the items. A lot of people go there, and you could get your photography seen. Also, you can make a portfolio of the photographs you are proudest of, and show it around. Just take a binder, make sure everything’s labeled clearly, and show people what you can do. It’s like a resume, but for artists.

  6. eep<3 those are some v v cool pictures!

    and i'm hopefully going to 1. get and job: and 2. redo my room this summer. i might just need a little RoseyArt flair -nodnod-

  7. I have an Etsy shop too. I just went over and favorited you shop and followed you. I love Silver Falls and Before the Mast. I am sorta new on there too. My shop is: PurpleandSilk .

  8. Your photos are amazing!!! I’m actually interested in trying to get into photography. What kind of camera do you use?

  9. Unfortunately my official occupation is Extremely Broke Teenager With The Tastes Of An Extremely Rich Person, but your shop looks absolutely lovely and I wish it much success. *sprinkles fairy dust on it* And when I’m actually rich someday I will buy one of your glorious prints.

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