Baker Creek Seed Festival

A picture post, yaaay. πŸ˜€

So, back a few weeks ago, we were helping to run a booth for this thing called Baker Creek Seed Festival.

Okay, I thought it was gonna be super boring. Like a bunch of farmers poking around at seeds in the sweltering heat.

But this thing was actually pretty dang cool. Old buildings, homemade things, cool vendors, organic food things, organic seeds for planting more food things….

So much organic, people. I’m telling you.

All in all, it was a lot cooler than I expected. And I’m very glad I brought my camera. Please enjoy my photograph offerings.


A sign booth with some signs to fit the occasion.


I don’t even know what these were supposed to be called but they smelled awesome.


The lemonade’s not pink. But the stand sure is.


The old bakery window.


Jams and jellies.


So this is like the only actual building that’s not rebuilt and is from the original time period so that’s pretty neat.


In which are teas and soaps.

It’ll clear out your sinuses in there, I tell you.


And the seed store itself.


There were wanted posters up all over the place for “GMO Joe”. He was caught, thankfully. And my brothers wanted a picture with him.


Birdhouses with a cool B&W effect. ❀


Anyway. That’s all for today, folks. Hope you enjoyed the pictures! See you later and happy weekend!Β 

’til next time,Β 


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