for KING & COUNTRY: O God Forgive Us

Well, I’ve made a sort of tradition of posting all of For King & Country’s other music videos. Why not keep up the trend?

With this song, it’s one of the ones I’ve listened to less (because for some reason, it didn’t download to my iPod when the rest of them did), but it’s really pretty and I like what they did with it.

Plus the tiny little babies dressed up as Joel, Luke and KB? Augh, it’s too cute. <3<3<3

and the behind the scenes video too.

Hope you enjoyed! Because who doesn’t like For King & Country?

Surely not you.


Anyway, until next time,


7 thoughts on “for KING & COUNTRY: O God Forgive Us


    I haven’t listened to it much, either, since it comes at the end of their album and I don’t normally get through the whole thing when I sit down to listen, but it’s probably one of my favorites. I got shivers when watching the music video for the first time.

    1. yaayy thanks!
      hehe, yeah it’s throwing me too tbh. XD but hey. 400 followers and 5 years later I decided it was finally time to touch my theme and look a tad bit more professional.

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