Blank Mastermind Poem

Hey-lo, everybody. ❤

Well, my sister‘s idea for a post today.

I don’t usually write much poetry. That’s sort of her thing since she’s so good at it. But sometimes I get inspired. -cough- especially while listening to my Wolfgang songs.

So, we’ve got a bit of a collaboration here. I wrote a poem of Wolfgang before the events of Blank Mastermind. And she wrote one following the events of Blank Mastermind itself.

So. It’s sad, as anything with villain-Wolfgang. But here it is.

And a collage.


The warmth of a home

For the cold of a cell

Ripped from it all

By a bomb’s steel shell


Live by the sword

And destroy what you can

Die by the sword

A revenge-eaten man


A worn notebook page

With the names of four souls

Keep the fire alive

In your chest, stoke the coals


Bomb after bomb

Continue the quest

Make Amazing Man pay

Give the hero no rest


Ice cream and falcons

Leather jackets don’t hide

The broken and lonely

Dankworth inside


The nights in the dark

Just wanting to die

But villains keep fighting

And villains don’t cry


Does destroying the man

Who hurt you so much

Heal the hurt

Or just act as a crutch?


Forget, to remember

Your mission’s grim cost

And maybe recover

The soul that’s been lost



Aaand here is my sister’s: Blank Mastermind: The Poem

Hope you guys enjoyed the poetry for today!

See you all next time,


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