Trip to the Zoo

Been a while since a photography post, huh? 

Thank the computer for eating my photos. I’m still trying to get them back. 

But in the meantime, we went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. So I got some nice pictures there and shall share with you all. ❤

Hope you enjoy!


Jungle leaf. And it had just rained, so I got the cool droplets.


Little…. parrot thing. And I got to do the cool selective black and white thing on it while editing. 


Le swan.

It was actually in the middle of a pond. Don’t you love long-distance zoom?


Okay, but this little lion tamarin was the cutest thing ever. It was so tiny and fluffy and orange. ❤


There were three baby cheetahs at the zoo, guys. -cute overload-


Wild, ferocious mushrooms in their habitat….

Okay, so my sister just spotted that on a tree in the Australia exhibit, but I still love the picture.






Isaiah got to see a demonstration on his favorite animal: Elephants. So he was very happy. 🙂


And teeny baby Emmanuel found his new favorite animal, giraffes. 

Officially the cutest thing of the day.


Which picture was your favorite?

Happy Labor Day, guys!


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