Wonder Woman: Movie Review {Spoiler Free}

Well, Wonder Woman won out on the poll of what review to do next, so here we are. 

Movie review today, yaaay.

Hope you all enjoy.


Wonder Woman: Movie Review



Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, Diana meets an American pilot who tells her about the massive conflict that’s raging in the outside world. Convinced that she can stop the threat, Diana leaves her home for the first time. Fighting alongside men in a war to end all wars, she finally discovers her full powers and true destiny.


The Good Stuff:


  • Theme

Not to sound like some crotchety old movie reviewer, but movies nowadays rarely have a really good representation of theme. And if they do, it’s just something that could really be summed up in a quick blurb of “be yourself” or “teamwork = yes”.


The theme of this movie is a lot more complex and well executed than that. It delves deep into the human nature, why wars happen, and what’s worth fighting and dying for. How everyone’s flawed, but there is a determined right and wrong and you need to fight for it the best you can.


It was really a gorgeous lesson, and this movie is amazing in presenting it.


  • Cast

This isn’t me being glad because “omg they had my very favorite actors!”


I recognized a couple folks, but that’s not the point.


Just how incredibly different everyone was, it was awesome. The core team was made up of an American (Chris Pine did a great job, guys), an American Indian, a Scottish dude (I just liked hearing him talk ok), an Amazon warrior and . . . a French guy I think? It was just a really different cast of people and I loved all the differences and how they worked together.


It did get a leeetle confusing, just because of everyone’s different accents. But once you warm up to ‘em all, it’s good.


(One actress fangirl moment, though. Robin Wright/Princess Buttercup as an Amazon warrior woman. That was a sight to see.)


  • Twist near end

No spoilers here, but I do believe my mouth actually fell open.


Pretty dang huge twist right before the final fight. And . . . yeah, that was really well pulled off.


  • Awesome effects

Nothing to do with the writing quality or the story or anything, but holy spades.


This movie is gorgeously put together. The contrast between the tropical paradise of the Amazon island and the gritty WWI setting of the rest of the world. The fight scenes and the effects . . . just everything.


I will admit my family was poking fun at the excess of slo-mo spinning-in-the-air shots, though. XD


  • Humor

Not a huge note, but with the darkness involved in a war movie, it can get a little choking. They had the opportunity for some great humor moments with how little Diana knows of the outside world and Steve Trevor’s resulting interactions with that and having to babysit her so she doesn’t freak anyone out. It was a much needed funny note in the whole thing and I appreciated it. ❤


The Bad Stuff:


  • Violence

Yep. It’s a war movie and violence is a thing. People get shot and killed and things get blown up and punched and . . . yes, in general, there’s a lot of violence.


  • Immodesty

Well, this one should be obvious enough from just looking at anything regarding Wonder Woman. Actually, her battle outfit isn’t quite as skimpy as I imagined, which was nice (but definitely doesn’t mean it’s not skimpy at all). But the Amazon island. Sheesh, ladies. Cover up a bit more skin, will you?


(Plus a biiit of a moment with Trevor getting out of a bath? I don’t think anything was actually shown outright to scandalize the whole movie, but still.)


  • Gas

Maybe just me, but in general, poison gas isn’t my favorite element.


I know it was a big part of WWI and all and I’m not saying that’s not a historically accurate plot device to use. Still, it was disturbing and I looked away at a few parts to save my eyeballs from things I didn’t wish to see.


  • Gods stuff

Aaand mainly a personal/family values point, but walking away from it, this was the biggest issue that bothered me. Just, as Christians, entertaining the idea of there being other gods and thinking they’re cool doesn’t quite sit right with me and that ended up being a kinda big thing so. Yeah, my two cents there.




A cool action movie with amazing visuals, a unique cast and an incredible theme. Though probably for older audiences. 😉



Have you seen Wonder Woman? Think you will?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

We’ll be back on Thursday with a story, and until then, have a great Monday, guys. ❤


9 thoughts on “Wonder Woman: Movie Review {Spoiler Free}

  1. I saw it a little while ago and I honestly wasn’t all that impressed. I enjoyed the diversity of the cast, but i expected Diana to have a bit more personality. And, after all the reviews and ravings that my friends gave me I was expecting Steve to be this great, chivalrous man, but I found him to be annoying, whiny, and he kept on handling and suppressing Diana, which annoyed me to no end.
    Buuutttt…..other than that I liked it and I liked reading your opinion 😊

    1. Yeah I can definitely see where you’re coming from. -nod- I think a lot of it is expectations? Like I’m a hardcore marvel fan and didn’t think this movie would be anything good at all and I’d heard some people saying how awful Chris Pine was, so I went in with v low expectations. So it surprised me in a good way. Guess it caught you from the other way. 😛

  2. YESSSS I LOVED THIS MOVIE SO MUCH. It’s crazy because it’s so different from Marvel movies, but it’s also really different from most DC movies (and probably the best one, out of the few DC movies I’ve watched). Honestly, the only thing I disliked about the movie was the scene with Steve getting out of the bath. It was fine when they kept the camera on his torso but when the camera zoomed out a little more… We could’ve done without that moment. But I seriously agree with you about the theme. Such a nice change from recent movies that have no theme (or negative themes). Great review! 😀

    1. YES
      seriously it was really different and cool that way. DC’s definitely upping their game. 😛
      Aaand yep that bathtub scene was the one I was thinking of. XD “whoa whOA TOO MUCH STOP RIGHT THERE”
      Yes, theme was incredible ❤
      (Also a tiny thing, I loved the way Chris Pine would talk when the lasso was forcing the truth out of him. Really well acted. XD)

  3. Buahahaha, you guys, I live in the UAE so they cut the bathtub scene from existence. ;D #perks

    Actually, Catherine, I have to disagree with you about Steve and Wonder Woman. I went in expecting both of them to be terrible, but what I got was a mutual relationship built not on “Oh my gosh you’re so hot 😀 :D” but “Let’s fight for justice and maybe we can be friends and stuff that would be really cool.” And /that/ made the freaking movie for me. Yea, there was romance, but it was really slow and I just loved that. I lost a lot of respect for DC with the Batman vs. Superman movie, but this movie redeemed them completely in my eyes. And my gosh, Diana acted like an /actual/ women. SO RARE. O-O Steve acted like an actual human man as well. I was so shocked. Actual human characters who acted like people I knew that I could enjoy watching on a big screen?? So great.

    But yes ❤ The theeeeeeeme. And the twiiissssttt.

    I'm going to stop now. ;D Point is, I adored pretty much… all of this movie.

  4. Spot on review!! I didn’t even think about the diversity side, though, haha. I am generally anti-feminism-perpetrating-everything, and this did a great job of showing a strong female without throwing all that junk in. I also sorta kinda discovered Chris Pine is attractive too, which makes life fun now. 😬 Basically, I loved every minute of it except for that awkward bath scene…

  5. Ooh yes, my parents really liked this. I’ll most likely be seeing it at some point. ❤ (with them there to skip offensive things probably… 😛 )
    My dad compared Diana to Steve Rogers in that they're both kinda young innocents who just want to do what's right, and have the good black-and-white view of right and wrong. Unlike several Marvel/DC people. Kinda cool.

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