Blank Mastermind: Book Trailer Script

Well, something a little different for Thursday this time. There was this fun project thing going around on the OYAN forum of writing out little movie-trailer things for your books. And it took me a lot of thought, head-banging, and getting over my own melodrama… but I did it too.

Of course, this isn’t really professional trailer-script-writing material or anything. Mostly just me making up part of my own code as I go along and fuzzily visualizing stuff in my head.

So, I don’t really know.

It was fun, though.

If you’re new and don’t know what Blank Mastermind is, please, stick around. XD Read the trailer and tell me what you think.

And if you already do know what it is…. -sigh- you can stay too, I guess. 😛 Plus, it’s featuring a few blips from draft two. Enjoy, guys!

(abbreviation MC for main character since -mwaha- I’m not giving away his awful name. XD)


“How much longer?” –MC outside in the dark, wearing a leather jacket-


-warped voice over phone- “We’re close.”


-cuts to MC tying shoelaces, then adjusting bowtie- -hand running over messy hair to smooth it down, but doesn’t show face-


“Another month at the most.”


-black car door shutting-


“And Utah’s superhero will be nothing but a memory.” –last word echoes-


-black screen-


-flashes to fighting. A gunshot and kid with a green tie stumbling back. Backstage of an opera, the MC and a new man fighting. Gunshots. Man slamming the butt of his pistol across MC’s head, his hand covered in blood- -screen goes black again for a long few seconds-


-eyes opening in sunlight- -MC sitting up, on a couch in a dusty old shack. His tuxedo is covered in blood and he wears his leather jacket over it. He looks around, seeing himself in a mirror on the wall and running a hand over his hair while he stares-


-door creaks and MC jumps-


“Hey! Morning, sunshine.” –giant man with fedora and sunglasses smiles and waves as he comes in-


-MC stares in suppressed terror as the man approaches and he’s dwarfed in his shadow-


-Giant man simply ruffles MC’s already messy hair and takes a seat on the floor across from the couch- “Glad you’re okay. I got kinda worried when you didn’t come back. What ended up happening last night anyway?”


-MC stammers for a second, running his hand through his hair- “I . . . don’t remember.”


-Giant frowns- “The other night?”


“No, I mean, like . . . everything about my life.” –MC shifts nervously, wincing as his hand touches the back of his head- “I know that’s probably a lot, but could I maybe get a quick summary of . . . who I am?”


-Screen pixelates out, flashing to the scene of the smoking ruins of a town, devastated by a bomb. Camera filter is cloudy and colors muted. Shows a shot from the back of a man in a superhero outfit and a green cape stands in the middle of the street, looking around at the destruction. Policemen stand all around him. A slightly younger version of the MC comes walking out from the smoke, aiming a pistol in front of him. There’s the sound of a shot and the screen cuts to black again-


-MC’s voice- “You’re a clown in tights. You’re no hero, no matter what the media says.”


-shot of MC in prison, narrowing his eyes through the glass divider at the man who was in the superhero costume before. He shakes his head-


“I swear, even if it’s the last thought you ever have, I’m going to make you regret you ever heard my name. You’re gonna have so much more to go through . . .”


-shot of bloodstained hands loading pistol- “ . . . I’m gonna make Hell sound nice.”


-A shot of a mismatched gang, MC in the middle, standing in more destruction and armed- -More flashing shots of explosions, smoke and blood- -Last one lingers on a handwritten, wrinkled note, reading: “That which killed shall be killed. Die by the sword.”-


-screen pixelates back, the dark filter going away and showing MC’s car on the road on a quiet, sunny day-


-MC hunched partly over the wheel, trying to hide the fact that he’s laughing-


-Giant man watches him for a second, then smiles, patting his shoulder before leaning back in his seat-


“You know, everything happens for a reason. And with you?” –grins and nods to MC- “Amnesia’s an improvement. I’m cool with this.”


-MC just looks at him for a second, then nods back slowly- “Um . . . thanks.”


-screen flicker to title-

Blank Mastermind


Now, if you’re absolutely enthralled with that idea, you can go read it right over here: Blank Mastermind

Or even if you have read it and I just enthralled you all over again. Have at it.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

’til next time,


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