Fall Leaves

The leaves are actually turning colors in our neighborhood. So you all know what that means…

Photography time!

Actually, hey this is pretty cool because you guys haven’t really seen pictures of my new surroundings yet. Bonus there. ❀


So, hope you all enjoy the pics!


Dubbed “the ivy house” by our family. I love the style so much. + there are cool red leaves on the tree next to it.


Lil street with cool trees.


A little chipmunk who was watching me from under a car. He came out to sniff me out and see if I was friendly for a few seconds, but apparently my camera focus-sound scared him off.Β 


Cool mailbox and… whaddya know, more leaves and trees.


YET MORE LEAVES. (hey, gotta live up to the post name)


A squirrel in the leaves. We’re mixing things up a bit now. (Look at that fluffy tail. <3)


And my feet in the leaves as I sit on the curb.


Hope you all enjoyed! What’s your favorite part of fall? Which picture is your favorite?

See ya next time,


12 thoughts on “Fall Leaves

  1. they’re all so prettyyyyyyy<3
    man, I should have you help me with my mini photography attempts some day.
    I absolutely love that chipmunk<3 (and your converse<3)

  2. Ooh, pretty leaves. And animals. Looks like your new surroundings are an antique-ish town with stone stuff? It’s cute.
    My favorite part of Fall is the not-hot weather and the wonderful outside smell.

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