Music Time: Kaleo

So I didn’t do music Monday, but still want to share songs, so sue me. It’s music Tuesday.

Let’s groove.



Anyway, so just some songs today from a band I like: Kaleo. They’re Icelandic. They write rock. It’s cool.

And while most of their stuff is on spotify and itunes, there’s actually a full album of good stuff only on YouTube, so here are my favorite songs from that collection.

I just really like the rhythm and voice stuff they do there. It sort of…. sounds like an older style than most to me? It’s good stuff. Check out their other things. -shoos you-

Anyway. That’s all for today on that front. We’ll be back with more story on Thursday, so enjoy the songs until then.

Have a good night everyone.


(do I really have anything to say, or am I just randomly throwing out music and gifs because I missed you guys during NaNoWriMo? the world may never know)

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