Star Wars: The Last Jedi – { Spoiler Free Review! }

Well, here’s my promised review of the latest Star Wars movie.

Hopefully I was able to get across my opinions well enough without the spoilers involved. Let’s go.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Review



Luke Skywalker’s peaceful and solitary existence gets upended when he encounters Rey, a young woman who shows strong signs of the Force. Her desire to learn the ways of the Jedi forces Luke to make a decision that changes their lives forever. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren and General Hux lead the First Order in an all-out assault against Leia and the Resistance for supremacy of the galaxy.


Good stuff:

  • Incredible graphics and cinematography

Of course the crazy alien worlds and space fights are prime territory for adding all the cool special effects and CGI.

And seriously, they didn’t waste any of it. The visuals are incredible. The planet Luke is on and the rainy, grassy feeling of that one. The stark red and white of the planet for the final showdown. The glitzy casino planet . . .

And then all the aliens and space things and lightsabers were amazing of course.

Definitely a feast for the eyes.


  • Characters

Yeah, yeah, it’s me and I’ve got to throw my opinion in on the characters of everything. But I was very impressed with the masterful juggling of the large cast.

They were working out about three different protagonist plotlines, plus hopping over to the villains every now and then, and it all flowed very well. Everyone got their times to shine and were wonderful.

-proceed to small character opinions-

Luke was awesome, okay. It was really cool seeing him as the old mentor figure and they did some really amazing things with his character and motivation.

Rey was a great protagonist. –and spoilers so I actually can’t say too much-

Kylo . . . I expected to like him more from the hype? But it was really interesting the backstory they gave him and he was an awesome character in his own right. Very well made and three-dimensional. While I wasn’t adopting him as a poor baby in need of protection like some other people I know, I did like him. XD

Finn, I actually liked a lot more here than I did in The Force Awakens. He didn’t have the weight of the universe weighing so heavily on his shoulders and wasn’t wigging out as badly, so he was able to show who he was more. And he was actually pretty cool.

Leia was kickbutt and amazing, as always.

Rose wasn’t my absolute favorite, but she was sweet and hey, cool to have a character that shares my name somewhat. XD

And Poe. Poe was always wanting to fight everyone and blow things up and he was my favorite, thank you.


-also a moment of silence for Han Solo please I’m still extremely sad that he’s gone and he will always hold the spot of favorite honor-


  • Lots of plot and stakes

They made an incredible pileup of story problems and crazy situations for the heroes to get out of through this whole thing. And I mean . . . it worked. They were still able to do it and make the story work.

Seriously, it was like . . . every time I thought it couldn’t possibly have more buildup and this had to be the climax, there was more and it was a crazy rollercoaster.

(Of course this iiiisss a bit of a two-sided issue and I’ll talk more in the “bad stuff” section below.)


  • Little details

Spoilers lie in these here parts, but they did a very good job with the little tiny plot details, which was seriously impressive, considering the massive plot they had to work with.


  • Continuity/respect for old Star Wars

It would have been way too easy to just totally replace all the old things with “look! Our new shiny world and new shiny cast!”, but they actually keep the old story elements and characters and plot elements around and it flows really nicely.


Bad stuff:

  • Kind of exhausting and crazy

The downside to that huge and complicated of a plot . . . it is kind of insane. I mean it was done well, but it’s just A LOT GOING ON. A lot of adrenaline and like five different climaxes. It’s crazy. Crazy in a fun way but just . . . wow, still crazy. XD


  • Build-up hype/fan theories falling flat

Again, spoiler territory, and there is a possibility that this gets cleared up with the next movie. But it seems like all the burning questions and theories people had weren’t really as big of a deal as they were built up to be? So that was a little annoying/confusing.



Review complete.

Well, what do you think? Have you seen The Last Jedi? Think you will?

I’ll save spoiler talk for the comments, so -rubs hands together-…. yes, talk to me.

Have a great weekend, guys. ❤


23 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi – { Spoiler Free Review! }

  1. i’m lowkey disappointed in myself because i’ve been watching the original trilogy/prequels with my small brother and….han solo. there’s a line between ‘adorably cocky’ -cue thorne- and ‘wow please stop the arrogance levels are so annoying right now’ and i feel like han is definitely in the latter category and i used to like him a lot

    that is all

    let me mourn over my lost love for han as i wait to see the last jedi

      1. yeahhh i’m disappointed in myself but also with han because i forgot how hecking annoying he was.

        i’ve seen gifs and yes i predict that i’ll love poe

        but i also have a heart for the emo bebes so i’m preparing to take kylo under my wing too

  2. I loved the whole movie. There were a few scenes I found unnecessary and I thought the scene with Kylo and Rey in the elevator just reused the lines from Luke and Vader in the elevator, but otherwise I adore the whole thing.
    Kylo Ren… just… don’t even get me started. 😛

    1. Ahhh yes it was good. ❤
      …. Don't get you started in a good way or a bad way? Seems like a character people either love or hate and I'm a rare on-the-fence opinion. XD

      1. In a good way. ;P You’re right. Most of the people I know hate him, but I think he’s amazing. So… complicated. It may have something to do with my twisted writerly brain. ;P

        1. Ah yes. -thumbs up- actually most of the people I know completely love him to bits, so I’m a minority in not being totally obsessed.
          But I will say he’s very interesting and well made as a character. Being a writer he fascinates me.

  3. I actually enjoyed Disney smashing all of the fan theories flat on their faces because I never made any theories, and it was incredibly fun to see my friends get angry because they had all these elaborate theories squashed, hahahaha. I could just seen Disney execs laughing at all the invested fans… 😄
    However, REY SHOULD HAVE JOINED KYLO! She totally could have saved the galaxy with him instead of despite him. Luke’s comeback thoughhhhhh!!

    1. Heh. XD well it was a bit of a writing qualm as far as just setting up questions that /should/ be answered, but yeah. In the end it was their choice and it was still a good movie.
      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ well I’m glad Luke came back because seriously that scene was awesome.

  4. XD I’m with Squid on the fan theories. I was enjoying watching the “Rey is a skywalker” people weep.

    I really loved Kylo, but I have a penchant for the morally unsure that need redemption. ;D I also thought Poe was really great. XD

    1. XD but now she’s clear to be shipped with anyone and everyone now that she doesn’t have relations and I’m not enjoying that fandom explosion.
      -nodnod- both awesome characters ❤

    1. Yes true. I am looking forward to that. (Honestly if they just cast Harrison ford as Han right now I wouldn’t care and I’d just pretend he’s 20 from sheer stubbornness. XD)

  5. Wul hey, only two bad marks. That’s sweet. Yup, it was really good. Aside from all other more important matters of discussion on this movie, I’m glad you liked Finn, because I like poor Finn and it makes me sad when people disparage him. I mean, he’s not my FAVORITE or anything, but he’s not so bad at all.
    And isn’t BB-8 the sweetest?! And his and Poe’s relationship. ❤

  6. This movie was freaking amazing. ❤
    Though there's one major problem I've had with this trilogy: There's barely anything familiar from anywhere else in the Star Wars universe. No planets, species, or familiar side character organizations like the Mandalorians (well there was that banner on Takodana, but I digress) have shown yet. I mean seriously, no Corscant, no Ithorians, no famous bounty hunters, no Hutts, not EVEN A SINGLE TWI'LEK.

    ANyways yeah sorry bout the rant. 😛

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