Brick Movies

Well today I’ll actually be sharing some creative endeavors of my siblings. Stop-motion animation Lego Movies!

Seriously, my little bros are talented at this stuff. All they communicate using just sound effects is hilarious. XD

So, I’m sharing a couple of my favorite ones here.

First off, one of the newer ones. An interesting retelling of Cain and Abel. (Cain goes…. a little more overboard with his murder.)


The adventures of Deadpool, Deathstroke, a croissant and many other fictional characters

Then another Bible story, David and Goliath. (Very heroic soundtrack included.)


And an ad for Lootcrate, voiced by Daniel Thompson, animated by my brothers.



Hope you guys enjoyed those cinematic marvels! Check out their channel here for more: Brick Movies

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Brick Movies

  1. Aaahhh the Lootcrate ad. XD I remember that well. And that your brothers might make a Lego stop-motion vid of it sometime. Sweet. XD

    They must have a lot of fun.

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