Spring Photography + A Song

Hey guess what, everyone? I still take pictures!

I know, right.


Anyway, it’s been forever since a picture post and it’s spring and I have a bit of a backlog so… here we are! Again, mainly just taken from wandering around the neighborhood. Thank goodness for me our neighbors have nice landscaping. XD

Enjoy the pics!

Flowers in da skyyy


Tulips! (and a weeping angel out for groceries in the back but shh ignore her)


This isn’t particularly spring-y apart from the green on the tree. But this is like my favorite of the houses in our neighborhood so I had to take a cool picture.



Daffy-dills. Looking a bit worse for the wear after a frost the night before, but still blossoming.


Yes, I’m very happy with the macro on this one. ❤


Somebody’s lovely colorful garden.


’tis but a little purple pansy. 


Ha, there are still fall leaves around so we get to add orange to the color scheme.


More tulips, daffodils and a cascade of other flowers I don’t know the name of.


Excellent lighting on yet more tulips.


And then, while we’re here, I’m sharing some music. Because I run this blog and I can do that, goshdarnit.

So a new favorite band of the moment for me is Colony House. And the favorite song of the moment is this one.

Bask in the glory.

Anyway. Hope you guys enjoyed my contributions for the day. Have an awesome rest of your week, everyone. ❤


9 thoughts on “Spring Photography + A Song

  1. Oooh, so pretty! (I always love seeing your photography!) And maybe those UFOs (Unidentified Flowering Objects) were alyssums? Or Blue Ageratum Floss Flower (yeeeeah, had to look that one up 😉 )? Regardless, super pretty!

    1. Thank you!! 🙂
      Ooohh I think it might be floss flower. I grew alyssums for years and know those pretty well on sight and it wasn’t that. I just know they’re pretty. xD

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