May Wrap-up

Tiiiime for my second ever monthly wrap-up! Here we goooo.

Let’s see what’s been going on in my corner of the Earth, shall we?


[the writings]

On a note of…. interesting and something I probably should have done a while ago. And on the note of Blank Mastermind, the story I just can’t let die. I finally went and wrote out the complete backstory of the Fernsbys. Which I hadn’t done before. And of close linking, I wrote out some backstory with Dallas too, even though he had a good amount down already.

I mean I wrote out the whole gang’s + Dallas’s rough life stories in my notebook before even starting draft two and for some reason never dove into Charles’ character before now? So that was interesting and fun. (Did you know he was raised by his grandparents? Did you also know that Angela is the ultimate protective mother bear when it comes to her husband as well and with good reason? come back some time when I maybe write these short stories)

And of course working on Say Uncle more. Yes I am still productive.

In fact I got a whole chapter done in one day and passed a hundred pages and 30,000 words yesterday whoop. ❤


[the musics]

As always, I have a playlist of songs for the month. Which includes a few cool new groups I found. One band named Truslow, which has some pretty neat songs. And a celtic band called Gaelic Storm. ❤

Also this seems to be a good month for new single releases, apparently. For King & Country, American Authors, Needtobreathe and Bastille all came out with new songs and they’re all pretty good so hey that’s cool.


[the stories]

Lots of movies this month. First up being Murder on the Orient Express, which I really liked a lot. I always like mysteries and the cast on this was great and it was so pretty in the filming.

Titanic. As you all probably guessed by the review I put up. (We went to a Titanic museum the day after so that was fun, having some build up to the immersive experience.)

Dunkirk. Which…. I heard a lot of awesome things about and it wasn’t horrible, but I came away just feeling like I didn’t really get it and not quite understanding the point? I mean it was very artistic, I’m sure. I just like dialogue and I like understanding what’s happening. And I didn’t get a lot of either of those things, honestly. XD

Lion. True story based thing about a kid finding his family again after many years and many treks through google earth. This could have been… way shorter. Again, it wasn’t something I hated. Pretty engaging story. But wow that was long. And that’s a horrible title for it.

Sherlock. More Sherlock! basically just episode 2 of season 4 but yeesh. Probably Culverton Smith is getting his name up right at the top of creepy bad guy.

and I mean on the topic of TV shows there was a bit of Great British Baking Show but idk man that doesn’t count as much as a story. XP

And there were books!

Whatshisface by Gordon Korman. I’d do an official review of this but honestly I’m a little stumped on any criticism to give it so it would be a little weird there. XD But yeah. Another awesome, hilarious book with a wonderful concept by one of my all time favorite authors. 10/10 would recommend getting. ❤

The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stewart. About a third of the way through this one? And I’m really liking it so far so that’s fun.


[the life things]

  • I served a bunch of banquets in a row at the very beginning of the month. The group was like…. a cult of old people with a salute that involved flapping. So that was very interesting.
  • I bought some succulents. And I am hoping I have not doomed them by planting them wrong for the first week. They are currently recovering from my initial abuse and residing in cups next to my bedroom window.
  • Shavuot! the holiday of cheesecake and staying up all night. We did a lot of good Bible study and I had fun heading up the project of finding the Bible’s literary plot structure. It’s the first time in a while we didn’t actually have guests, but it was cool
  • I got to work at a baseball stadium sno-cone booth for a day and that was pretty dang awesome.
  • Went to a friend’s wedding that was pretty cool. Very sweet couple, great dancing, good food. But I found it hard to appreciate the outdoor ceremony when it’s 90 degrees outside and I’m sitting in the full sun. XD
  • Big accomplishment unlocked: I GOT MY OWN WRITING COMPUTER. I’ve literally been saving all of my writing career on our family’s little shared laptop for over 8 years. And the nearly full memory disc was giving me a bad feeling. But I shall worry about that no more because I have now purchased my own writing laptop. ❤


[up next]

Biggest thing on the menu is the OYAN summer workshop! I get to meet up with buddies and have a week of learning about awesome writing stuff and I am pumped. ❤ Plus the fact that I got a job and worked for the fundage so that’s the extra satisfaction there.

I am very much looking forward to that.

Aaand we’ll hopefully have more writing. A good start of the summer and a good fathers’ day. -nod-


That’s all for today, folks!

What have you been up to during May?

See you next time,


8 thoughts on “May Wrap-up

  1. Lotsa neat stuffs. ❤
    YAY for Fernsby backstoryness!
    My parents watched Dunkirk and felt the same way. What a way to waste Kenneth Branagh. ;P Oh and hey, if you're liking something by T.L. Stewart you might like his Mysterious Benedict Society trilogy. I haven't read the one you're reading, but I read the trilogy and it's really fun. Nicely done as well which is always a lovely plus.
    Your life happenings sound so much interesting. XD Oh wow. Very cool.
    YAY FOR YOUR OWN WRITING COMPUTER. That'd definitely be a big load off your mind. XD Hope your OYAN workshop is awesome.

    Try not to die in the heat, anywhere.

    1. all ze neat thingz. XD
      Fernsby backstory is actually very interesting yes. -nod-
      OKAY THANK YOU I’M NOT CRAZY. i was just hearing rave reviews for Dunkirk everywhere and it just…. wasn’t great? I like more dialogue.
      Heyyy yeah I’ve read the Benedict Society actually. Kind of why I picked up the Secret Keepers in the first place. It’s pretty awesome.
      Very interesting life things yes and I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT THE COMPUTER MY GOSH. Sharing with ten other people is a bit of a damper on the writing career. XD
      thank u

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