Tablerock Lake

So. Been a while since a picture post, hasn’t it?

Well that changes now because I took some good pictures at Tablerock Lake last week on a trip. 

-throws pictures like confetti- Enjoy, my underlings.


The view across the bay. So poetic.


Small Isaiah having found his treasure-rock.


Peter throwing rocks.


Actual photo credit to my dad here, because I was too busy swimming and too wet to take a picture of the boat. But isn’t it good?


More Isaiah. Plus a cool high-contrast effect here.


More poetic Bay Pictures.


Cool rock ledge thing.




The picnic area.


More lakey-ness.




isn’t Bullwinkle cute? ❤


Anyway, hope you enjoyed seeing some photography! Which was your favorite?

See ya next time, 


15 thoughts on “Tablerock Lake

  1. I love them all!!!!! *is slightly jealous because she hasn’t left the house in 58347438743 days* lol. XD But seriously. I love the one with Peter! ❤ ❤

    And the puppy.

    Definitely the puppy.

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