Fall at the Nature Conservatory


I will never not be excited about fall leaf photos. 

So we took a long hike around the local nature conservatory last week and I got a lot of good pictures before my camera decided to die on me. Hope you guys enjoy the photos. ❤


Treetops! The moon was there but of course that didn’t really show up. I appreciate the clouds anyway.


A bridge over a teeny stream.


In a different part of the woods, another stream! I really loved the light I got on this one.


Gravelly path through a more open field section.


Down yet another creek section. Looks pretty swampy and cool.


More treetops with cool lighting!


Proooobably my favorite one.

The COLORS. And those wonderful geese that posed for me. ❤


Looks sort of like a medieval forest or something, huh? xD


Brothers on the fall path. 

And one brother on the warpath, as you can see by his foam sword. 


Aaand the last picture I took before my camera died. I’m pretty happy with it even if it was taken in a moment of panic. xD


Hope you guys liked the glimpse into a forest of fall! ❤

Have a great Monday, my peeps.


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